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Carol_e_frank_2010%2d09%2d22_17%2d12%2d45 Carol E. Frank / Dallas, TX, USA
Hang on to your PROFITS by avoiding and overcoming mistakes! Laugh, cry, and groan as you learn from this high-energy entrepreneur
Allison_baver_2011%2d01%2d10_07%2d00%2d19 Allison Baver / Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Allison Baver stands proudly among the world's preeminent female short track speedskaters of the 21st century.
Warrensmile.jpg Ken Reilly / Texas, USA
Ken Reilly is a nationally recognized Professional Speaker and Author.
Gloria_reuben Gloria Reuben
Few artists can literally say that "they've done it all," but actress/singer Gloria Reuben is making a concerted bid for that elusive dis...
Dr_252520howard_252520edward_252520haller_252520_252528headshot_252520with_252520name_252529 Howard Edward Haller / Washington, USA
Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D. is the Chief Enlightenment Officer,of The Leadership Success Institute, headquartered in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Djharrington_web%2de1340659073486 D.J. Harrington / Florida, USA
DJ is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Phone Logic, Inc. an international training company based in Atlanta, Georgia.
Malloy Edward D. Hendricks / Connecticut, USA
Ed Hendricks is President of Edward D. Hendricks & Associates, Inc.
F3e15be99402546efbea6c09bf9cb347_w272 Sig Hutchinson / North Carolina, USA
President of Sig Hutchinson & Associates Specializing in Personalized Sales and Senior Management Development
1909_forum668528 Carole Hyatt
Expert on Market and Social Behavior
1319212153069 James J. Keenan
Jim Keenan CFP is a professional speaker and trainer with over 5,000 hours on the platform. He has presented hundreds of programs to thou...
Sheila_kessler Sheila Kessler / California, USA
High energy, entertaining keynote speaker, trainer and executive coach on leadership, customer service and business coaching.
Mary_key Mary Hessler Key / Florida, USA
Drawing from over 20 years of client experience, Dr. Key shares with her audiences what it takes to develop the right focus, right people...
18629fred%2dkusch%2djr Fred Kusch Jr. / Wisconsin, USA
Keynote, seminar & consulting services. Interactive & inspirational with real life application to drive success & balance life!
Paul_kwiecinski_2011%2d05%2d09_09%2d42%2d34 Paul Kwiecinski / Stone Ridge, NY, USA
Paul 'South Bend Slim' Kwiecinski, Managing Partner and co-founder of Face The Music, came to coaching through an unusual route; one that...
Charles_leviton_2010%2d05%2d08_18%2d02%2d35 Charles Leviton / South Carolina, USA
Healing Body/Mind/Spirit with Guided Imagery
Naomi_levy_1004 Naomi Levy
Rabbi Naomi Levy, founder and spiritual leader of Nashuva, is a unique and passionate voice in the contemporary Jewish world.
Nick%2dlewin Nick Lewin
Nick Lewin has come a long, long way since he started performing magic tricks as a kid in London, England.
Don_lee Haki Madhubuti
Madhubuti is not only an award-winning author, educator, and poet, but he is also the founder and president of Third World Press,
Judy_marcus Judy Marcus / Chicago, IL, USA
Memory Expert and Author of "Where Are My Keys?"; Judy teaches people of all ages how to remember in a way they never forget!
Maria_marin Maria Marin / California, USA
Speaker, Author, Columnist


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