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Kevin_freiberg Kevin Freiberg, PhD San Diego, CA, USA
Best-Selling Author, Business Best-Practice Expert on Leadership, Innovation, Accountability and Change
Hamel2 Gary Hamel California, USA
Authority on Strategic and International Management
Ram_charan_2010-07-23_15-53-38 Ram Charan Texas, USA
World-Renowned Business Advisor, Execution Expert and Best-selling Author
44781 Troy Hazard Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Troy Hazard is the recent Global President of the elite Entrepreneurs' Organisation.
Gmoore Geoffrey Moore San Francisco, CA, USA
Managing Director of TCG Advisors; Author Best Known for His Book - "Dealing With Darwin"
Images George Eckes
Author of Six Sigma Books
Roch-parayre_2011-08-09_14-23-23 Roch Parayre Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Roch Parayre is Managing Director and a scenario planning expert with Decision Strategies International Inc. He teaches executives a...
Jason-jennings_high-res2 Jason Jennings San Francisco, CA, USA
Authority on Leadership, Growth & Innovation
03-11-pf-headshot-12_12 Peter Fader Philadelphia, PA, USA
Researcher, Professor, Marketing Consultant.
20-gangotena-0614101 Alfredo Gangotena
Visionary, Humanist, Philanthropist, Market Strategist, Man of people
Lencioni_patrick Patrick Lencioni San Francisco, CA, USA
Management Consultant
Team_jerryporras Jerry Porras California, USA
Consultant on Organizational Change
Michael_20e._20porter_2013_0 Michael Porter Boston, MA, USA
Foremost Authority on Strategy, Competition and Competitive Advantage; Creator of Shared Value Concept; Harvard Business School Professor
Meet-libby-leffler-sheryl-sandbergs-former-invisible-right-hand-whos-moved-on-to-greater-things Libby Leffler San Francisco, CA, USA
Strategic Partnership Manager at Facebook
Clay_christensen Clayton Christensen Boston, MA, USA
Harvard Business School Professor
S-colin-shaw Colin Shaw Florida, USA
CEO, Beyond Philosophy | Leading Customer Experience consultancy | Author | Training | Research | Keynote speaker
Lbs1042 Ioannis Ioannou
Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at London Business School.
Image Zunaira Munir California, USA
Dr. Zunaira Munir inspires audiences to ‘Make Competition Irrelevant.’ A sought-after speaker, trainer, and business consultant.
Curt_coffman_2010-05-07_18-42-40 Curt Coffman Denver, CO, USA
Workplace Consultant and Co-Author of First Break All the Rules
Jim_belasco Jim Belasco San Diego, CA, USA
Business Leadership Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Dynamic Speaker
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