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Kevin_freiberg Kevin Freiberg, PhD / San Diego, CA, USA
Best-Selling Author, Business Best-Practice Expert on Leadership, Innovation, Accountability and Change
Hamel2 Gary Hamel / California, USA
Authority on Strategic and International Management
Ram_charan_2010%2d07%2d23_15%2d53%2d38 Ram Charan / Texas, USA
Business Consulant and Management Guru
Garry_kasparov_2010%2d05%2d08_14%2d10%2d29 Garry Kasparov / New York, NY, USA
World Champion Chess Expert and Strategist
44781 Troy Hazard / Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Troy Hazard is the recent Global President of the elite Entrepreneurs' Organisation.
Sydney%2dfinkelstein%2dstrategy%2dspeaker Sydney Finkelstein
Author of Why Smart Executives Fail. Management strategy speaker.
220px%2dsubirchowdhury Subir Chowdhury / Michigan, USA
Subir Chowdhury is one of the world's leading authorities in quality strategy.
Gmoore Geoffrey Moore / San Francisco, CA, USA
Consultant / Author
Liz_20wiseman_20book_20photo_20final Liz Wiseman / Menlo Park, CA, USA
President of The Wiseman Group & Author of the Best-seller MULTIPLIERS
Charlie_black_9612 Charles Black
President and Chief Strategy Officer Technorati Media.
2992%2dmichael_20treacy_20color_20tie Michael Treacy / Boston, MA, USA
Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Business Adviser
Stephen%2ddenny Stephen Denny / Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Competitive Strategy & Marketing Consultant
Jason%2djennings_high%2dres2 Jason Jennings / San Francisco, CA, USA
Authority on Leadership, Growth & Innovation
Roch%2dparayre_2011%2d08%2d09_14%2d23%2d23 Roch Parayre / Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Roch Parayre is Managing Director and a scenario planning expert with Decision Strategies International Inc. He teaches executives a...
Images George Eckes
Author of Six Sigma Books
1 Peter Fingar / Florida, USA
Cloud Computing & Technology Expert, Thought-Leader, Bestselling Author
03%2d11%2dpf%2dheadshot%2d12_12 Peter Fader / Philadelphia, PA, USA
Researcher, Professor, Marketing Consultant.
20%2dgangotena%2d0614101 Alfredo Gangotena
Visionary, Humanist, Philanthropist, Market Strategist, Man of people
Inder%2dsidhu%2dak29684 Inder Sidhu / California, USA
Senior Vice President of Strategy and Planning for Worldwide Operations, Cisco Systems; NYT Best-selling Author, "Doing Both: Capturing T...
Tom%2dmorris%2dwwsg%2dpic%2dapril%2d2012 Tom Morris / North Carolina, USA
Author, True Success: A New Philosophy of Excellence


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