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Billhader_custom%2db5aa25db406ee71c1f36aec5618ee79b3ec04a93%2ds6%2dc30 Bill Hader / Tulsa, OK, USA
Comedian and Actor; Former "Saturday Night Live" Cast Member
Nene_2bleakes_2bnbc_2buniversal_2b70th_2bannual_2bgolden_2bojxajmahmpul NeNe Leakes / Atlanta, GA, USA
Actress featured on "Glee" and "The New Normal," Cast member of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Speaker on Domestic Violence
38116_1338198501 Spike Lee / Brooklyn, NY, USA
Film Provocateur and Media Icon
936full%2djoseph%2dgordon%2d%2dlevitt Joseph Gordon-Levitt / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Actor & Founder, hitRECord
Nev_schulman_2_p_2012 Nev Schulman / Los Angeles, CA, USA
MTV's Catfish: The TV Show
Adam%2dcarolla Adam Carolla / California, USA
Comedian and Host of "The Adam Carolla Radio Show"
Charlie_hunnam_by_gage_skidmore_3 Charlie Hunnam / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Actor Known for "Pacific Rim" and "Sons of Anarchy"
Malcom_gladwell.03 Malcolm Gladwell / New York, NY, USA
Best-selling Author- "David & Goliath", "What the Dog Saw," "Outliers," "Blink" and "The Tipping Point"
2%2dwhoopi%2dgoldberg Whoopi Goldberg / New York, NY, USA
Award-winning Actress, Comedian and Co-host of ABC's "The View"
Ed%2dbegley%2djr_2011%2d07%2d08_20%2d25%2d57 Ed Begley Jr. / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Emmy Nominated Actor, Television Host, Environmental Activist
Nick_20cannon Nick Cannon / New York, NY, USA
Film Star, Comedian, Musician, Writer/Director, Philanthropist; Host, "Wild N Out" and "America's Got Talent"
Closeglenn%2d90x110 Glenn Close
Versatile Acress; Starred in the '80s Thrilller "Fatal Attraction"
Tony_2bdanza_2bzookeeper_2blos_2bangeles_2bpremiere_2bxbdb51ehgx1l Tony Danza / New York, NY, USA
Actor, Producer, and High School English Teacher
Ellen_20110322192422 Ellen DeGeneres / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Emmy Award-Winning Talk Show Host, Comedian and Former Judge on "American Idol"
23771146carmenelectra__51_ Carmen Electra / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Iconic American Actress and Model
Victor%2dgarber%2d2 Victor Garber / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Victor Joseph Garber is a six-time Emmy Award-nominated Canadian film, stage and television actor and singer.
Kmafia_p2.jpg_full_600 Misha Glenny / United Kingdom
Journalist Misha Glenny leaves no stone unturned (and no failed state unexamined) in his excavation of criminal globalization.
Hill_harper_large1 Hill Harper / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Actor, Best Known for his Portrayal of Dr. Sheldon Hawkes in the CBS Drama CSI: NY, Arts Advocate.
Sarah_jones Sarah Jones / New York, NY, USA
Polymorphic Playwright
Wenn2271839 Jeana Keough / California, USA
Star of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Orange County"


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