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Needelman David Neeleman / New Canaan, CT, USA
Founder and Former CEO of JetBlue Airways
635091469049000000 Jane Curtin / Connecticut, USA
Original Cast Member of Saturday Night Live; Famed Comedienne
Malloy_state_headshot2 Dannel Malloy / Hartford, CT, USA
Governor of Connecticut
Face_s70 Randle Lee / Verbank, NY, USA
Face_s70 Edmond Laflamme / Connecticut, USA
Face_s70 Suzanne O'Connor / Massachusetts, USA
Taylorheadshot D. Joshua Taylor / Boston, MA, USA
Family History and Genealogy
Tcaputo216x288 Theresa Caputo / Hicksville, NY, USA
Star of TLC's "Long Island Medium"
Paul%2dsmith Paul J. Smith / Newport, RI, USA
Associate Professor with the U.S. Naval War College
Face_s70 R. Mimi Secor / Massachusetts, USA
Face_s70 Nancy McCabe / Massachusetts, USA
Face_s70 Lisa DiTullio / Massachusetts, USA
Lisa introduces project management as a business competency, enabling organizations to improve decision-making, instill accountability an...
Face_s70 Marc Resnick / Boston, MA, USA
Improve your creativity and innovativeness or to manage creative teams.
Jeremykriegel_2012%2d02%2d20_02%2d53%2d47 Jeremy Kriegel / Arlington, MA, USA
Creating great experiences in an agile world
Sarah_dussault Sarah Dussault / Boston, MA, USA
Health and fitness blogger; Creator of SarahFit.com
Beckett_ronald Ronald Beckett / New Haven, CT, USA
Professor, Researcher, Explorer, Anthropologist
Martin_nweeia Martin Nweeia / Sharon, CT, USA
Dentist/ Marine Mammal Biologist
Goodnight_tswod67935.150x150 Mr. Goodnight / Boston, MA, USA
Mr. Goodnight is a man of mystery, speading his own brand of what he calls "sweet soul" around Boston and Los Angeles, breaking hearts an...
2658228%2ddavidmazzucchelli1 David Mazzucchelli / Manhattan, New York, NY, USA
Comic Book Writer/Artist Known for "Daredevil: Born Again" and "Batman: Year One"
Bb01%2d72dpi Barbara Bissonnette / Stow, MA, USA
Barbara Bissonnette is a certified coach and the Principal of Forward Motion Coaching


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