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Duaneelgin Duane Elgin / California, USA
Futurist, Sustainability Expert, and Author of "Promise Ahead" and "Voluntary Simplicity"
515116 Elgin Baylor
Elgin Baylor was born in 1934 in Washington, D.C., and was named for his father's favorite watch.
Face_s70 Steve Gumm / Elgin, IL, USA
Serial Entrepreneur, Success, Failure and Creator of Unfair Advantages
Manheim Chris J. Manheim, CEcD, MA
President , Manheim Solutions, Inc.
Jeron_shelton_2011%2d04%2d23_19%2d40%2d33 Jeron Shelton / Elgin, IL, USA
Leadership and Team Building
Victoria%2dprestia_2011%2d09%2d18_14%2d16%2d37 Victoria Prestia / St Charles, IL, USA
Public Speaker
83414 Jake Epstein
Actor and singer Jake Epstein was born on January 16, 1987 in Toronto.
Sanjiv_20singh_20sozi Sanjiv Singh
Sanjiv Singh has been the Managing Director of LACOSTE / Yello Sport GmbH in Germany and Austria since 2010 – since September 2012 he is ...
Mv5bmty5odcxmdu4nv5bml5banbnxkftztcwmjaznjqynq__._v1._sy314_cr1_0_214_314_ Rachel McAdams / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Rachel McAdams (born October 7, 1976) is a Canadian actress. She was born in London, Ontario, Canada, and grew up in St. Thomas, Ontario.
Erin%2ddavis Erin Davis
Radio Personality & Host
Alanfrewphoto Alan Frew
Alan Frew (al-uh n froo) - Scot. noun: brilliantly comedic storyteller; fiercely passionate multi-platinum singer/songwriter. Synonym: or...
Bruce_boxleitner_2013_summer_tca_gala_event_j_mz0rquivvl Bruce Boxleitner
Bruce William Boxleitner is an American actor, and science fiction and suspense writer.
Ggoodrich2 Gail Goodrich
Former Professional Basketball Player, 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers
Birdsong_otis Otis Birdsong
Otis Lee Birdsong (born December 9, 1955 in Winter Haven, Florida) is an American former professional basketball player.
Wutangclan300 Wu-Tang Clan / New York, NY, USA
Hip Hop Band
Ginuwine%2d2010%2dphoto Ginuwine / Los Angeles, CA, USA
R&B Singer-Songwriter; "Pony" and "Differences"
Php50133de976e7c Martha McSally
First Female Fighter Pilot to Fly In Combat
Chris_2bwebber_2bt_2bmobile_2bmagenta_2bcarpet_2bnba_2bstar_2bislvs0t59wkx Chris Webber
Retired Professional Basketball Player, Five-Time NBA All-Star
James%2dworthyjpg%2de9ab71c286d5b7e1 James Worthy / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Retired Basketball Player, Finals MVP in 1988


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