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Crista_cowan_2011%2d03%2d24_16%2d35%2d48 Crista Cowan / Pleasant Grove, UT, USA
Helping families learn about their history since 2002
Elissa_scalise_powell_2011%2d03%2d11_12%2d43%2d48 Elissa Scalise Powell / Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Genealogy Lecturer and Instructor, Western Pennsylvania Researcher
Ruby_coleman_2011%2d03%2d03_10%2d08%2d35 Ruby Coleman / North Platte, NE 69101, USA
Motivating genealogists to learn and achieve research goals.
2013%2d05%2d28_07.58.23 Susan Petersen / Lincoln, NE, USA
Writer, speaker, genealogist specializing in sharing family history via technology
Taylorheadshot D. Joshua Taylor / Boston, MA, USA
Family History and Genealogy
Anna%2dhopkins%2darnold_2012%2d05%2d30_14%2d50%2d29 Anna Hopkins-Arnold / Durango, CO, USA
Anna Hopkins-Arnold, PhD (Bio.)
Bret_petersen_2011%2d06%2d08_12%2d00%2d47 Bret Petersen / Utah, USA
Family History Researcher, Mentor, Speaker and Technologist
Gene_pennington_2011%2d03%2d09_12%2d42%2d22 Gene Pennington / San Rafael, CA, USA
Helping genealogy researchers to use and understand new technologies
J_mark_lowe_2011%2d03%2d10_08%2d41%2d28 J. Mark Lowe / Springfield, TN, USA
Great methodology with Southern humor
Maureen_taylor_2011%2d04%2d13_15%2d52%2d24 Maureen Taylor / Boston, MA, USA
Photo Expert from Daguerreotypes to Digital Imaging
Michael_hait_2011%2d03%2d01_23%2d33%2d54 Michael Hait / Harrington, DE 19952, USA
Certified Genealogist speaks on genealogy research methods
Nancyloe37_1377787824_140 Nancy Loe
Listing contains no content.
Susan_leblanc_2011%2d06%2d06_23%2d30%2d12 Susan LeBlanc / Gladstone, OR, USA
Genealogy research lectures; writer, editor.
Colleen_mchugh_2011%2d04%2d22_00%2d14%2d11 Colleen McHugh / Tucson, AZ, USA
Genealogy research
Diana_l_biddle_2011%2d03%2d06_00%2d10%2d14 Diana L Biddle / Indiana, USA
Educating, mentoring. and coaching the next generation of genealogists.
Kate%2deakman_2012%2d01%2d20_04%2d38%2d54 Kate Eakman / Gresham, OR, USA
Genealogist specializing in the story of your family, whether written or on film
Laura_prescott_2011%2d03%2d09_21%2d15%2d17 Laura Prescott / New Hampshire, USA
Genealogy topics
Michael_john_neill_2011%2d03%2d02_09%2d17%2d23 Michael John Neill / Rio, IL 61472, USA
Focusing on lectures on genealogical sources and methods.
Jeanne_archer_2010%2d05%2d20_21%2d10%2d03 Jeanne Archer / Colorado, USA
Records history of families, businesses, organizations, etc.
Tami_glatz_2011%2d03%2d01_17%2d04%2d56 Tami Glatz
Tami Glatz is a lecturer, author and researcher, specializing in the use of computers and the internet for genealogical research, followi...


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