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Ray_kurzweil_2010%2d07%2d10_02%2d38%2d24 Ray Kurzweil / Boston, MA, USA
Founder, Chairman, CEO of Kurzweil Technologies and Director of Engineering at Google
970936 Adam Lashinsky / San Francisco, CA, USA
Sr. Editor at Large, Fortune Magazine; Author of "Inside Apple"
Steve_wozniak Steve Wozniak / Los Gatos, CA, USA
Co-founder of Apple; Humanitarian and Philanthropist in Education
Eric_schmidt Eric Schmidt / Mountain View, CA, USA
Google's Executive Chairman
28vc.600 Chris Sacca / California, USA
Twitter Advisor & Former Google Executive
Esther%2ddyson%2d9542200%2d1%2d402 Esther Dyson
Influential Venture Capitalist; Commentator, Emerging Digital Technology & Health
Jeff_weiner_mugshot__2__270x418 Jeff Weiner
CEO of LinkedIn; Former Yahoo! Executive
Clay%2dshirky1 Clay Shirky / New York, NY, USA
Writer, Consultant and Teacher on New Technology and Social Media
Jeff_jarvis Jeff Jarvis / New York, NY, USA
Journalist & Media Expert,Author PUBLIC PARTS
13202v3%2dmax%2d250x250 Marissa Mayer / San Francisco, CA, USA
President and CEO of Yahoo
Reid_hoffman Reid Hoffman / Silicon Valley
Reid Hoffman is an American entrepreneur and angel investor.
Jimmy%2dwales2 Jimmy Wales / Florida, USA
Founder, Wikipedia; U.S. Internet Entrepreneur and Wiki Pioneer; One of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”
1272408589craig_newmark Craig Newmark / San Francisco, CA, USA
Internet Entrepreneur; Leader in Social Networks; Founder Craigslist
Vinod%2dkhosla Vinod Khosla / Palo Alto, CA, USA
Co-founder of Daisy Systems and Founding Chief Executive Officer of Sun Microsystems
9c263976a71829d86967c5c25db3b92a1 Randi Zuckerberg / San Francisco, CA, USA
Former Head of Marketing at Facebook and Current Founder & CEO of Zuckerberg Media
David_pogue_2010%2d07%2d23_15%2d16%2d20 David Pogue / Connecticut, USA
Host of NOVA ScienceNow; Former 13 Year Veteran of the New York Times Columnist; Recent Yahoo Journalist Acquisition
Dr%2dmichio%2dkaku Dr. Michio Kaku / New York, NY, USA
World-Renowned Theoretical Physicist; Best-selling Author; Innovator and Science Host
Daniel_burrus Daniel Burrus / Milwaukee, WI, USA
One of the World’s Leading Futurists on Global Trends and Innovation
Mark Mark Zuckerberg / Palo Alto, CA, USA
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Facebook, Inc.
1%2d28%2d09%2dreed%2dhastings%2dlow Reed Hastings / San Francisco, CA, USA
CEO, Netflix


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