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Jack_johnson Jack Johnson / Hawaii, USA
Hawaiian-born Folk Rock Singer-Songwriter; "Upside Down" and "Banana Pancakes"
Neil%2deverett Neil Everett / Hawaii, USA
ESPN Sportcaster; Co-Anchor of West Coast Edition of SportsCenter
General%2dhospital%2dingo%2drademacher23 Ingo Rademacher / Hawaii, USA
Soap Opera Star; Known for "General Hospital" and "Dancing With the Stars"
Hqdefault The Green / O‘ahu, Hawaii, USA
Reggae Band Formed in Hawaii; Blends Reggae with Traditional Hawaiin Vibes
Face_s70 Bill Moylan / Hawaii, USA
Wayne_dyer_2010%2d10%2d07_17%2d57%2d58 Dr. Wayne W. Dyer / Maui, Hawaii, USA
Self-Empowerment Expert Known as The "Father of Motivation"
New%2deric%2dheadshotclr Eric Saperston / Maui, HI, USA
Inspiring Filmmaker and Founder of Live in Wonder Entertainment
4430_32791_therrien_mark_1110 Dr. Mark Therrien / Hawaii, USA
Humorous Motivator With a Message
Corbis%2dpn016065 AJ Kitt / Honolulu, HI, USA
AJ Kitt is a household name in the ski racing community.
Lester%2djason Jason P. Lester / Hawaii, USA
ESPY Winner, Athlete, Author, Artist, Activist
Jake Jake Shimabukuro / Honolulu, HI, USA
To Jake Shimabukuro, the ukulele means more than grass skirts and loud shirts.
Colonel_wright%2d510x340 Ann Wright / Honolulu, HI, USA
Activist; Former United States Army Colonel; Retired U.S. State Department Official
Garrett%2dlisi Garrett Lisi / Maui, HI, USA
Physicist Garrett Lisi has proposed a new "theory of everything" -- a grand unified theory that explains all the elementary particles, as...
Chris%2dsenn Chris Senn / Hawaii, USA
Professional Skateboarder, Known for his Aggressive and Spontaneous Style
Tumblr_m23k2jh9uy1rsrrsco1_500 Rebecca Walker / Honolulu, HI, USA
Feminist Visionary & Best-selling Author
Rita_risser_chai_2010%2d05%2d20_21%2d24%2d28 Rita Risser Chai / Hawaii, USA
A lawyer, massage therapist and award-winning author on ancient Hawaiian stress management
Owens Jeffrey Owens / Hawaii, USA
Jeffrey B. Owens is a Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant who specializes in workplace conflict, and organizational and personal effectivene...
Dewittjonesjpg1 Dewitt Jones / Hawaii, USA
Motivator / Photojournalist
Servlet Vincent j Kellsey / Honolulu, HI, USA
20121105%2d14 Sheldon Simeon / Lahaina, HI, USA
Executive Chef, Star Noodle, Lahaina, Hawaii; Third-place competitor on "Top Chef: Seattle"


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