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Jeffrey_alexander_brathwaite_2011-02-11_22-08-17 Jeffrey Alexander Brathwaite New York, NY, USA
Internet Technology Consultant
D155c48eb8bc74dbe2851372d24482e1 Michael Pryor
Co-Founder and CEO of Trello Inc.
Glenn_f_henriksen_2010-08-27_06-48-01 Glenn F. Henriksen Stavanger, Norway
He'll gladly talk about technology and how we can work better together to anyone that will listen.
Caio-proiete_2011-07-31_21-34-46 Caio Proiete Lisbon, Portugal
Independent Developer and Technical Training Consultant, ASP .NET MVP
Royosherove_2012-09-27_05-52-44 Roy Osherove Oslo, Norway
Team Leadership, Agile Development, Test Driven Development, Software Guitarist
Andrew_curioso_2011-02-16_00-10-15 Andrew Curioso Nashua, NH, USA
Andrew Curioso is an author, software engineer and innovator. He has passion for developing unique and cutting edge web applications.
Kevin_griffin_2011-02-17_21-34-38 Kevin Griffin Virginia, USA
Kevin Griffin is a .NET Developer for Antech Systems, located in Chesapeake, VA. Hes a Microsoft Client App Dev MVP, ASPInsider, and the ...
Chris_kluis_2011-03-28_18-59-40 Chris Kluis Tampa, FL, USA
Chris is the Director of Marketing for a large mobile development company with Fortune 100 clients.
Leaning Peter Pollock Hanford, CA 93230, USA
Author, Web Hosting For Dummies, Speaker, Blogger, Stay-at-home dad
Scott_hanselman_2010-08-23_21-24-56 Scott Hanselman Portland, OR, USA
Software Architect, Engineer, Speaker, Author, Teacher, Comedian
Shelly_kramer_2011-06-08_15-28-39 Shelly Kramer Haverstraw, NY, USA
Dynamic, Captivating Speaker Who Delivers Actionable Ideas
Face120 Andrew Rayner
Avatar Bil Simser High River, AB, Canada
Free to a good home
Photo Chip Cutter New York, NY, USA
Editor at LinkedIn
Brandon-satrom_2012-02-01_13-50-09 Brandon Satrom Austin, TX, USA
Open web developer, writer and technical speaker
Denisejacobs_2012-05-26_06-39-31 Denise Jacobs Miami, FL 33145, USA
Author + Speaker + Web Designer + Creativity Evangelist
Seth_goldstein_2011-04-01_17-13-50 Seth Goldstein Doylestown, PA, USA
Co-founder and Chairman of, a platform that helps publishers socialize their ads.
Patrick_haney_2011-04-20_15-28-53 Patrick Haney Boston, MA, USA
Designer/Developer, speaker, and instructor of web design & development
Me Jina Bolton
Product designer at Do
Photo Lars Vraa Copenhagen, Denmark
Web Designer and Developer of
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