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Graham_hill.jpg.249x249_q85_crop%2dsmart Graham Hill / New York, NY, USA
Journalist; Founder of, and
10566_200_150 Megan Casey
Founding partner and Editor in Chief of
David%2drockwell%2d300x300 David Rockwell
President, Rockwell Group
10551_200_150 Fabio Rosati
President and CEO of Elance
Richard%2dsaul%2dwurman_225x338 Richard Saul Wurman
Creator of the TED Conference; Graphic Designer & Architect
Ze_2bfrank_2bhosea_2bfrank Ze Frank
Executive Vice President of Video at; Internet Celebrity, Entrepreneur and Viral Media Consultant
Murdock%2djerry_pic Jerry Murdock
Managing Director and Co-founder, Insight Venture Partners
Kevinlynch1661x2502 Kevin Lynch
Senior Vice President & Chief Software Architect, Platform Business Unit, Adobe Systems Incorporated
77 Mitchell Joachim
Soft cars, jet packs and houses made of meat are all in a day\'s work for urban designer, architect and TED Fellow Mitchell Joachim.
161329_1149312417_164863692_n Jacek Utko
Could good design save the newspaper -- at least for now? Jacek Utko thinks so -- and his lively.
Med%2d8rwaq9zwnnp0rmvjemgr%2d57 Hazel Grace Dircksen
A passionate entrepreneur based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Adrianagascoigne Adriana Gascoigne
Adriana is the Director of Global Communications for SGN.
Stu%2dcarty%2d2005 Stu Carty
Carty is currently a Regional Development Director at Constant Contact.
Esther%2ddyson%2d9542200%2d1%2d402 Esther Dyson
Influential Venture Capitalist; Commentator, Emerging Digital Technology & Health
Olafur%2deliasson Olafur Eliasson
The transparent simplicity and experiential nature of his work has built Olafur Eliasson's reputation as one of the world's most accessib...
Daniel_libeskind Daniel Libeskind
Thomas_insel_nimh_2011 Thomas Insel / Rockville, MD, USA
Thomas Roland Insel is an American neuroscientist and psychiatrist who has led the National Institute of Mental Health since 2002.
2081944074_8b35c6b3d5_z John Clippinger
Senior Fellow, The Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School
220px%2dchris_kelly_%2d_facebook Chris Kelly
Chief Privacy Officer, Facebook
Cp_1252961676_jim_lanzone%2d150x200 Jim Lanzone
Chief Executive Officer,


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