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David%2drockwell%2d300x300 David Rockwell
President, Rockwell Group
Graham_hill.jpg.249x249_q85_crop%2dsmart Graham Hill / New York, NY, USA
Founder, Life Edited
10566_200_150 Megan Casey
Founding partner and Editor in Chief of
77 Mitchell Joachim
Co-Founder and Director of Research, Terreform ONE
Gwf%2dsmall Gary Flake
Technical Fellow, Microsoft Corp.
10_07_25_rem_koolhaas Rem Koolhaas
Dutch Architect, Architectural Theorist, Urbanist and Professor in Practice of Architecture and Urban Design at the Graduate School of De...
B0ef9c434025109e2834428dc44f58d9 Lori Cheek / New York, NY, USA
Architect turned Entrepreneur/ Founder & CEO of @Cheekd
Bjarke%2dingels_image_%2dby%2dulrik%2djantzen_02 Bjarke Ingels / Copenhagen, Denmark
Architect, designer, successful businessman
Don%2dtapscott_0 Don Tapscott / Toronto, ON, Canada
Co-author of "Macrowikinomics and Wikinomics" - Author of "Grown Up Digital" - Host of "ReCivilization" on CBC Radio
10551_200_150 Fabio Rosati
President and CEO of Elance
Markoleary Mark O’Leary
Mark is currently the Regional Vice President for Business Services for Comcast in Central California.
1315559522%2dmaxxi%2devent%2d528x396 Joshua Prince Ramus / New York, NY, USA
American Architect; Principal of the Internationally Renown REX Design Firm Based in New York City
Richard%2dsaul%2dwurman_225x338 Richard Saul Wurman / Newport, RI, USA
Creator of the TED Conference; Graphic Designer & Architect
Full.john_under_220 John Underkoffler
Remember the data interface from Minority Report? Well, it\'s real, John Underkoffler invented it -- as a point-and-touch interface calle...
Ramon%2dray1%2de1355518954311 Ramon Ray / New Jersey, USA
Ramon Ray, Technology Evangelist, is the editor of and author of Technology Solutions for Growing Businesses.
Med%2d8rwaq9zwnnp0rmvjemgr%2d57 Hazel Grace Dircksen
A passionate entrepreneur based in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Saladino Anthony Saladino / New York, NY, USA
‎Co-Founder & CEO of Kitchen Cabinet Kings
Ze_2bfrank_2bhosea_2bfrank Ze Frank / Los Angeles, CA, USA
President of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, Internet Celebrity, Entrepreneur and Viral Media Consultant
Kevinlynch1661x2502 Kevin Lynch
Senior Vice President & Chief Software Architect, Platform Business Unit, Adobe Systems Incorporated
Murdock%2djerry_pic Jerry Murdock
Managing Director and Co-founder, Insight Venture Partners


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