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Face_s70 Monica Mehta / New York, NY, USA
BusinessWeek columnist, TV Contributor, Author 'The Entrepreneurial Instinct'
Images Robert Anthony Peters / San Francisco, CA, USA
Robert Anthony Peters was born and raised in San Francisco and is currently enjoying the warm desert climes of Tucson.
Theanalyser_2011%2d10%2d02_23%2d03%2d06 Sam Whitfield / Denver, CO, USA
Conservative Youth Leader, Talk Radio Host, Entrepenuer
Skmu5ldl Sean Haugh / Durham, NC, USA
Pizza Delivery Man Turned Libertarian Candidate for US Senate from North Carolina
Vince%2dvaughn%2doscars Vince Vaughn
Comedic Actor, Screenwriter, Producer and Political Activist Best Known for "Wedding Crashers," "The Internship" and "True Detective"
William_bill_buppert_2010%2d11%2d18_17%2d11%2d26 William "Bill" Buppert / Arizona, USA
Observer and Commentator on the Impending Demise of These United States
Lee%2ddoren_2011%2d09%2d02_03%2d32%2d57 Lee Doren / Washington, DC, USA
Author and Host of HowTheWorldWorks on YouTube
T100poll_thiel_peter Peter Thiel / Palo Alto, CA, USA
Technology Entrepreneur, Investor and Philanthropist
Photo_53168e1b8c69f Jeffrey Miron
Economics & Libertarianism Scholar, Senior Lecturer & Director at Harvard University
Penn Penn Jillette
Magician; Runner up on NBC's 2013 Celebrity Apprentice
Voidstar_2011%2d12%2d17_06%2d31%2d31 Adam Leotta / Los Angeles, CA, USA
You don't need to be famous to be a great speaker
Michael%2dd%2dbrown%2d1 Michael D. Brown / Georgia, USA
Former Under Secretary of Homeland Security, Director of FEMA, & Talk Show Host
1 Neal Boortz / Atlanta, GA, USA
Neal Boortz is a popular and controversial American talk radio host.
Glenn_beck_hi Glenn Beck / New York, NY, USA
Host of "The Glenn Beck Program," Political Commentator & Libertarian


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