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Vince-vaughn-oscars Vince Vaughn
Comedic Actor, Screenwriter, Producer and Political Activist Best Known for "Wedding Crashers," "The Internship" and "True Detective"
Skmu5ldl Sean Haugh Durham, NC, USA
Pizza Delivery Man Turned Libertarian Candidate for US Senate from North Carolina
Images Robert Anthony Peters San Francisco, CA, USA
Robert Anthony Peters was born and raised in San Francisco and is currently enjoying the warm desert climes of Tucson.
Theanalyser_2011-10-02_23-03-06 Sam Whitfield Denver, CO, USA
Conservative Youth Leader, Talk Radio Host, Entrepenuer
Face120 Monica Mehta New York, NY, USA
BusinessWeek columnist, TV Contributor, Author 'The Entrepreneurial Instinct'
Alexis_20ohanian_20lead Conor Friedersdorf Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Staff Writer at The Atlantic; Founding Editor of "The Best of Journalism"
Lee-doren_2011-09-02_03-32-57 Lee Doren Washington, DC, USA
Author and Host of HowTheWorldWorks on YouTube
T100poll_thiel_peter Peter Thiel Palo Alto, CA, USA
Former CEO and Co-founder of PayPal; Technology Entrepreneur, Investor and Philanthropist
William_bill_buppert_2010-11-18_17-11-26 William "Bill" Buppert Arizona, USA
Observer and Commentator on the Impending Demise of These United States
Woods-t Thomas Woods Topeka, KS, USA
Leading Libertarian Thought Leader, American Historian, Political Analyst & New York Times Bestselling Author
Penn Penn Jillette
Magician; Runner up on NBC's 2013 Celebrity Apprentice
Photo_53168e1b8c69f Jeffrey Miron
Economics & Libertarianism Scholar, Senior Lecturer & Director at Harvard University
1 Neal Boortz Atlanta, GA, USA
Neal Boortz is a popular and controversial American talk radio host.
Michael-d-brown-1 Michael D. Brown Georgia, USA
Former Under Secretary of Homeland Security, Director of FEMA, & Talk Show Host
Glenn_beck_hi Glenn Beck New York, NY, USA
Host of "The Glenn Beck Program," Political Commentator & Libertarian
Voidstar_2011-12-17_06-31-31 Adam Leotta Los Angeles, CA, USA
You don't need to be famous to be a great speaker
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