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Jason_jennings_2010%2d05%2d07_19%2d19%2d57 Jason Jennings / San Francisco, CA, USA
Bestselling author; media consultant who revolutionized the broadcasting industry
Marcushead Marcus Buckingham / California, USA
Leading Authority and Best Selling Author on Employee Productivity and the Best Practices of Leadership and Management; Former Senior Con...
1%2dadrian%2dgostick Adrian Gostick / Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Employee Engagement and Retention Expert and Co-author, The Carrot Principle
Hamel2 Gary Hamel / California, USA
Strategic Innovation Expert and Author, "The Future of Management"
Don_peppers Don Peppers / Florida, USA
Best-selling author, business visionary and founding partner of the Peppers&Rogers Group
David David Allen / California, USA
Productivity Expert & Best-selling Author of "Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity", "Ready for Anything: 52 Producti...
Kevin_freiberg Dr. Kevin Freiberg / San Diego, CA, USA
Best-Selling Author, Business Best-Practice Expert on Leadership, Innovation, Accountability and Change
Lencioni_patrick Patrick Lencioni / San Francisco, CA, USA
Best-selling Business Author, Internationally Recognized Speaker and Thought-leader
Timsanders8207 Tim Sanders / California, USA
A Rare Hybrid of Business Expert, Motivational Speaker and People Expert
Jim_belasco Jim Belasco / San Diego, CA, USA
Business Leadership Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Dynamic Speaker
Geoff%2dcolvin%2dhigh%2dres Geoff Colvin / New York, NY, USA
FORTUNE Senior Editor-At-Large, Best Selling Business Author and Thought Leader
Marshall%2dgoldsmith Marshall Goldsmith / Southern California
Internationally Known Executive Coach; Bestselling Author of "What Got You Here Won't Get You There"
Smallwood__20norm Norm Smallwood / New York, NY, USA
Leadership Expert and Author of Results-Based Leadership
44781 Troy Hazard / San Diego, CA, USA
Troy Hazard is the recent Global President of the elite Entrepreneurs' Organisation.
Bergdahl%2dweb%2dphoto Michael Bergdahl / Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Former Wal-Mart Executive; Best Selling Author and Supply Chain Expert
Jackie_freiberg Dr. Jackie Freiberg / San Diego, CA, USA
Best-selling Business Author; Recognized as one of the Top 30 Thought Leaders by Leadership Excellence Magazine
200903industry_groppel Dr. Jack Groppel / Florida, USA
Peak Performance Expert and Author of The Corporate Athlete
Afterburners Afterburner, Inc. / Georgia, USA
Accelerating Performance Through Flawless Executiion
Mattoechsliwebsite Matt Oechsli / Greensboro, NC, USA
Author of "Becoming a Rainmaker", "The Art of Selling to the Affluent", "High Performance Teams", and "Practice Management"
220px%2dpeter_senge Peter Senge / Massachusetts, USA
Pioneer in the Field of Learning Organizations and Author of The Fifth Discipline


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