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Face_s70 Gordon Curtis / Marblehead, MA, USA
Presentation Title; Getting Well Connected Presentation Summary; Leading executive coach, agent and author Gordon Curtis will share ...
63671 Renee Scudder / Massachusetts, USA
Senior Director of Marketing and Strategic Planning at Merrimack Health Group in Marblehead
11566_200_150 Howard Weissman
Vice President & Associate General Corporate Counsel of Lockheed Martin.
Sears001hires2 Barry Sears / Marblehead, MA, USA
Author of "The Zone" Books
Rob%2ddelaney%2dphoto Rob Delaney / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Comedian & Author
3054065929_6216a89926 Dr. Barry Sears / Marblehead, MA, USA
Leading Authority in the Field of Drug Delivery Systems and Dietary Control of Hormonal Response
Robincook Robin Cook
Robin Cook was born on May 4, 1940 in Brooklyn, New York, and spent his early years in Woodside, Queens.


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