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Kotler Philip Kotler / Washington, DC, USA
International Marketing Professor, Kellogg School of Management
David_meerman_scott%2d David Meerman Scott / Massachusetts, USA
Marketing, Sales & Business Growth Strategist
Bob_pritchard_2 Bob Pritchard / California, USA
International Marketing Expert
Maddy%2ddychtwald Maddy Dychtwald / San Francisco, CA, USA
Futurist, Author and Demographic Trends Expert; Co-Founder & Senior VP, Age Wave
Don_peppers Don Peppers / Florida, USA
Co-developer of the "One to One" Philosophy
Tony%2dallesandra Tony Alessandra / San Diego, CA, USA
Business Consultant
Michael_20bergdahl_20%2d_20a_20 Michael Bergdahl / Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Former Wal-Mart Executive, Best Selling Author and Human Resources and Retail Sales Speaker
John%2djantsch John Jantsch / Kansas City, MO, USA
Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Duct Tape Selling, Duct Tape Marketing & The Commitment Engine
Sallyhogshead_bioimg Sally Hogshead / Florida, USA
Marketing, Persuasion and Personal Branding Expert, Leading Authority on Fascination; Author, "HOW THE WORLD SEES YOU: Discover Your High...
Daymond%2djohn%2dengaging%2dyoung%2dtreps Daymond John / New York, NY, USA
Entrepreneur, Branding Expert & Star of "Shark Tank"
New%2dformal Kelly McDonald / Dallas, TX, USA
Multicultural Marketing and Business Trends Expert
Stephen%2ddenny Stephen Denny / Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Competitive Strategy & Marketing Consultant
Dharmesh%2dshah%2dheadshot Dharmesh Shah / Boston, MA, USA
Co-Founder and CTO, HubSpot
Nate_silver_x200 Nate Silver / New York, NY, USA
Founder,; Author, "The Signal And The Noise"
Scott%2dharrison%2d1%2d1139x541_0 Scott Harrison / New York, NY, USA
Founder and CEO of Charity Water
Rand%2dfishkin Rand Fishkin / Seattle, WA, USA
CEO, Moz; Co-Founder,; Author, "Art of SEO"
Joejaffe Joseph Jaffe / Westport, CT, USA
Cutting Edge Inspirational Thought Leader on Digital Strategy, Driving Sales and Market Transparency
Richard_laermer_2011%2d05%2d05_12%2d56%2d26 Richard Laermer / New York, NY, USA
Author of the Trendspotting Books
Alan_knecht_2010%2d11%2d25_13%2d48%2d23 Alan K'necht / Toronto, ON, Canada
Conference speaker, Lecturer, Author, Columnist & Internet Strategist since 1996
Larry%2dbailin Larry Bailin / New Jersey, USA
Business Motivational Speaker and a Professional Keynote Speaker


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