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Kotler Philip Kotler / Washington, DC, USA
International Marketing Guru
Bob_pritchard_2 Bob Pritchard / California, USA
International Marketing Expert
Maddy%2ddychtwald Maddy Dychtwald / San Francisco, CA, USA
Expert on Lifestyle Trends and Author
Don_peppers Don Peppers / Florida, USA
Best-selling author, business visionary and founding partner of the Peppers&Rogers Group
David_meerman_scott%2d David Meerman Scott / Massachusetts, USA
Marketing Strategist, Advisor, and Author
Tony_alessandra_3 Tony Alessandra / California, USA
Leading Authority on Bottom-line Marketing Tactics; Building Business Relationships for Life
Bergdahl%2dweb%2dphoto Michael Bergdahl / Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Former Wal-Mart Executive; Best Selling Author and Supply Chain Expert
Sallyhogshead_bioimg Sally Hogshead / Florida, USA
Best-selling Author, "Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation"
Daymond_john_11 Daymond John / New York, NY, USA
Author, "Shark Tank" Judge, and Founder of FUBU
New%2dformal Kelly McDonald / Dallas, TX, USA
Multicultural Marketing and Business Trends Expert
Images Larry Bailin / New Jersey, USA
Larry Bailin is the founder, CEO and thought leader of Single Throw, Inc. Providing direction and leadership are his primary responsibili...
Cathcartjim Jim Cathcart / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Author, entrepreneur and professional motivational speaker on leadership
Portfolio Terry Jones / Nevada, USA
Founder and Former President of and Authority on Innovation
Richard_laermer Richard Laermer / New York, NY, USA
Marketing, Advertising, Branding and PR Expert, Co-Author of Punk Marketing
44781 Troy Hazard / San Diego, CA, USA
Troy Hazard is the recent Global President of the elite Entrepreneurs' Organisation.
Alan_knecht_2010%2d11%2d25_13%2d48%2d23 Alan K'necht / Toronto, ON, Canada
Conference speaker, Lecturer, Author, Columnist & Internet Strategist since 1996
Stephen%2ddenny Stephen Denny / Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Competitive Strategy & Marketing Consultant
Sky%2dnews%2djonathan%2dgabay Jonathan Gabay
BBC Contributor, Focused on Marketing
Don_hutson_2010%2d05%2d07_19%2d18%2d46 Don Hutson / Tennessee, USA
Don Hutson's careers in speaking, management and sales have brought him many honors.
Art%2dmortell Art Mortell / California, USA
Sales and Peak Performance Expert and Author of World-Class Selling


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