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Haley%2djoel%2dosment Haley Joel Osment
Haley Joel Osment is an American actor.
96324388 Aldis Hodge
Aldis Hodge started his acting career at the age of three.
Peter_facinelli Peter Facinelli / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Actor and Producer; Best Known for his Role as Carlisle Cullen in the "Twilight" Series
1 Steven R. McQueen
Steven R. McQueen is an American actor and Model, best known for his role as Jeremy Gilbert in The CW show The Vampire Diaries.
Jackson%2djackson%2drathbone%2d27293184%2d1366%2d2000 Jackson Rathbone
Actor Best Known for his Role as Jasper Hale in "The Twilight Saga"
Jeffrey%2ddonovan Jeffrey Donovan
Vance_3 Chris Vance
Fisher_stevens_2011_a_p Fisher Stevens
Actor, Director, & Producer
Mv5bmje3mjc2nti3ov5bml5banbnxkftztcwndc2ode4nw__._v1_sx214_cr0_0_214_317_ Tom Budge
Nathan%2dgamble Nathan Gamble
Teen Actor Best Known for "Babel" and "Dolphin Tale"
William%2dfichtner%2dwallpapers William Fichtner
Leigh%2d163%2dotherweb Leigh Whannell
Tumblr_loodn2f8vm1qkyf8m Tyler Posey / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Actor and musician; best known for his role as Scott McCall in MTV's hit show "Teen Wolf"
Coltonhaynes4 Colton Haynes
Colton Haynes is an American actor and model.
186 Tom Kiesche
Tom Kiesche is an American actor.
Erik%2dodom%2dprofile Erik Odom
Perezhilton Perez Hilton / New York, NY, USA
Popular Celebrity Gossip Blogger
Brian_van_holt%2d1 Brian Van Holt / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Brian Van Holt took up sociology at University of California-Los Angeles.
501px%2djohn_cho_2008 John Cho / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Actor Known for his Roles in "Selfie," the "Harold & Kumar" Films, "American Pie" & "Star Trek" Series
Casper_zafer Casper Zafer
Casper Zafer is an actor who played Finn in The Vampire Diaries.


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