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Face_s70 Samantha Newark / Tennessee, USA
The Truly Outrageous and iconic voice of JEM and JERRICA from "Jem and the holograms" the Pop Culture Phenomenon smash cartoon series. No...
Dclark_2011%2d09%2d24_18%2d42%2d20 Deborah Clark / Newark, NJ, USA
Deborah Clark is a Speaker, , Author ,Facilitator, Mentor
Brian%2dferguson Brian Ferguson
Professor of Anthropology, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Rutgers University-Newark.
Ryan%2dhill Ryan Hill
Founder and Executive Director, TEAM Academy Charter Schools
2 Harold J. Raveche
President, Stevens Institute of Technology
Anthonyfrasier_2012%2d06%2d16_07%2d57%2d12 Anthony Frasier / Newark, NJ, USA
Authentic. Humble. Real.
10613464%2dlarge Ras Baraka
By those that know him, Ras Baraka is akin to a modern day Paul Robeson: the manifestation of art and politics merged.
Julie%2djackson_290 Julie Jackson
Managing Director, Uncommon Newark.
Bambrick%2d265x398 Paul Bambrick Santoyo / New York, NY, USA
Managing Director, Uncommon Newark
Mayor%2dcory%2dbooker Cory Booker / Newark, NJ, USA
US Senator from New Jersey
Sampson_davis Sampson Davis, MD / Newark, NJ, USA
Physician & Inspirational Leader
Drsampsondavis%2d1 The Three Doctors Sampson Davis MD
Dr. Sampson Davis\' life has come gratifyingly full-circle.
Images Connie Francis
Connie Francis was born on December 12, 1938, in Newark, New Jersey.
Face_s70 Shaun Jones
Shaun Jones is a professional comedian and actor.
Scowen Scott Cowen / New Orleans, LA, USA
Tulane University's 14th President
Davebargeratpapril23 David Barger
Chief Executive Officer, JetBlue Airways Corp.
Face_s70 Chris Titus
Christopher Titus is an American comedian and actor.
Joe_dwyer_2011%2d01%2d19_11%2d56%2d16 Joe Dwyer / New Jersey, USA
A dynamic presenter who engages his audience on a diverse range of personal and business topics that will enrich their lives.
Mona_fitch%2delliott_2011%2d02%2d18_22%2d51%2d46 Mona Fitch-Elliott
Excite Write Education Services
Baruti%2dkafele2 Baruti K. Kafele / New Jersey, USA
Baruti Kafele, whose African first name means "teacher" earned his B.S. degree in Management Science/Marketing from Kean University and h...


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