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People_6_h300_w360_crop Justin Barton / California, USA
As both Chief Technology Advocate and Manager of Partnership Development, Justin's role is varied and spans the breadth of CyArk activiti...
Dyanavalentine_2011%2d06%2d10_14%2d11%2d35 Dyana Valentine / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Entrepreneur; Founder of WHY and creator of Super Conditions for Greatness
Lovell_2b3 Simon Lovell / New York, NY, USA
English Comedy Magician, Card Shark Actor and Con Man
People_2_h300_w360_crop Ben Kacyra / California, USA
Ben Kacyra is the founding director of CyArk, a nonprofit engaged in 3D digital preservation of cultural heritage sites worldwide.
Selworthy Dr. Scilla Elworthy / United Kingdom
Scilla Elworthy is the founder of the Oxford Research Group, a non-governmental organisation she set up in 1982 to develop effective dial...
Bandimbubi%2d400x230 Bandi Mbubi / United Kingdom
Founder, CongoCalling - Director of MannaCentre - Trustee at ChurchPoverty - working for Peace, Justice, and Prosperity in the UK, the Co...
Heath660 Heath Calhoun / Clarksville, TN, USA
Heath Calhoun is an American alpine skier and veteran of the United States Army. A double-leg amputee due to injuries received in the Ira...
Lady%2dgaga%2dmother%2dcynthia%2dgermanotta%2dphoto Cynthia Germanotta / New York, NY, USA
Lady Gaga's Mother; Co-Founder and President, Born This Way Foundation
Kate Kate Orff / New York, NY, USA
Landscape Architect Who Focuses on Sustainable Development, Biodiversity & Community-Based Change
Johanna%2dblakley Johanna Blakley / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Expert in Popular Culture, Digital Technology and Entertainment
Team_caryn Caryn Seidman Becker / New York, NY, USA
Chairman and CEO CLEAR
Eli_20pariser Eli Pariser / Brooklyn, NY, USA
Pioneering Online Organizer & Author of "The Filter Bubble," About How Personalized Search Narrows Our Worldview
1 Bethany Joy Lenz / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Actress, Director, Producer, and Musician; Star of "One Tree Hill"
O9ytf.aust.156 Justin Leblanc / Raleigh, NC, USA
Artist / Fashion Designer / Professor. Contestant on Season 12 of Project Runway!
Rachel%2djohnson Rachel Johnson / Dallas, TX, USA
Rachel Johnson / Director of Project Development at Touch A Life Foundation
Nancyalspaugh91 Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson / Hidden Hills, CA, USA
Emmy award-winning, former national television producer and executive; Autism Awareness Advocate spearheading ACT Today! The first natio...
Sdc12868 Steve Lovelace / Dallas, TX, USA
Writer, Graphic Artist and Photographer.
946954_547090895329375_1725554857_n Ashley Michelle Berry / Littleton, CO, USA
Anti-Bullying Advocate, Actress, TV/Radio Host and Professional Speaker
Orenyakobovich_220x124 Oren Yakobovich
CEO, Videre est Credere; Human Rights Activist
Liana Liana Rosenman / Commack, NY, USA
Co-founder of PROJECT HEAL, a non-profit organization for people with eating disorders who are unable to afford treatment, while also pro...


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