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419581_10151436684566608_1265056886_n Yaya Han / Atlanta, GA, USA
Yaya Han is a costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer with 13 years of experience.
301562_199564920114232_1625043309_n Victoria Schmidt / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Victoria Schmidt, Cosplay Hero and co-founder of the geek girl fashion style blog, "Set To Stunning"
Anthony%2dbontrager_2011%2d09%2d07_20%2d20%2d37 Anthony Bontrager / Seattle, WA, USA
Mobile and digital media executive and thought leader
4385096719_9fef41ae09 Justin Kan / San Francisco, CA, USA
Co-Founder of Live Video Platforms and TwitchTV; Popularized the Term "Lifecasting"
B0ef9c434025109e2834428dc44f58d9 Lori Cheek / New York, NY, USA
Architect turned Entrepreneur/ Founder & CEO of @Cheekd
Wava_carpenter Wava Carpenter / New York, NY, USA
Editor-in-chief and content director of the newly launched, an online magazine and marketplace for galleries and designers.
Curtis%2dlepore Curtis Lepore / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Vine Star with 2.1 Million Followers; Known for his Boston Terrier Buster Beans
Veronica_belmont_%2d_140tc Veronica Belmont / San Francisco, CA, USA
Technology & Gaming-Centric Video Host on "Tekzilla"
Mari%2dsmith Mari Smith / San Diego, CA, USA
Mari is co-author of Facebook Marketing
Dsc_0724 Christi Tasker / Nevada, USA
Social Media Branding Queen and Keynote Speaker
Heather%2dlutze_2013%2d01%2d11_14%2d35%2d23 Heather Lutze / Colorado, USA
Heather was a speaker for two years for Yahoo! Search Marketing workshops and is currently a lead speaker for PPC (Pay Per Click) Summits...
Larry%2dbailin Larry Bailin / New Jersey, USA
Business Motivational Speaker and a Professional Keynote Speaker
Jessed Jesse Lagers / Portland, OR, USA
Jesse Lagers stars on SYFYs docuseries "Heroes of Cosplay"
Pat%2dferdinandi_2011%2d09%2d07_22%2d15%2d00 Pat Ferdinandi / Montclair, NJ, USA
Enthusiastic thought translator & business video strategist
Lynette%2dyoung_2012%2d01%2d17_04%2d20%2d58 Lynette Young / Trenton, NJ, USA
Founder, Women of Google+ | Social Media Speaker & Coach
Mv5bmtg0mji3mzgynl5bml5banbnxkftztywotawmze2._v1._sx214_cr0_0_214_314_ Tim Nackashi / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Tim Nackashi / Director
Bjw7mnwcqaasqww Jerome Jarre / New York, NY, USA
French Vine Star, co-founder of Grapestory, 2.8 Million Followers; Recognized by Ellen Degeneres
Mv5bmtu0mzy1otk0nv5bml5banbnxkftztcwnzmxnda3oa__._v1._sx640_sy960_ Marcus Johns / West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Actor and Comedic Vine Star with 3 Million Followers
Tyler_oakley Tyler Oakley / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Social Media Guru, Video Blogger and Gay Youth Advocate
Ray%2dwilliam%2djohnson Ray William Johnson / California, USA
Video Blogger, Producer and Actor Best Known for his YouTube Series Equals Three


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