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Jeffrey_gitomer_2011%2d04%2d25_13%2d40%2d13 Jeffrey Gitomer / Charlotte, NC, USA
Chief Executive Salesman
Tony%2dallesandra Tony Alessandra / San Diego, CA, USA
Business Consultant
Cathcartjim Jim Cathcart / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Business Leader & Author
80858 Terri Sjodin / California, USA
Terri Sjodin is the principal of Sjodin Communications, a public speaking, sales training and consulting firm.
Brian%2dtracy%2dreview Brian Tracy / California, USA
Leading Authority on Human Potential and Personal Effectiveness
Dr_20_20nido_20qubein_20%2d_20color_20promo_202008 Dr. Nido Qubein / California, USA
Consultant / Award-winning Speaker
Don_peppers Don Peppers / Florida, USA
Co-developer of the "One to One" Philosophy
0_desiheadshot Desi Williamson / Minnesota, USA
The Ultimate Impact Speaker
Michael_20bergdahl_20%2d_20a_20 Michael Bergdahl / Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Former Wal-Mart Executive, Best Selling Author and Human Resources and Retail Sales Speaker
Art%2dmortell Art Mortell / California, USA
Sales and Peak Performance Expert and Author of World-Class Selling
Robert_stevenson_2010%2d05%2d07_22%2d34%2d30 Robert Stevenson / Tampa, FL, USA
Author of "How to Soar Like an Eagle In A World Full of Turkeys"
Peter_guber_2011%2d04%2d29_13%2d47%2d49 Peter Guber / Los Angeles, CA, USA
CEO and Founder of Mandalay Entertainment; Best-selling Author; Sports Franchise Owner; Entrepreneur
Bob_burg_2010%2d06%2d17_18%2d49%2d14 Bob Burg / Florida, USA
Bestselling Author of "The Go-Giver" & "Endless Referrals"; Advocate of Free-Market Economy
Herb_cohen_2010%2d07%2d23_14%2d16%2d31 Herb Cohen / Delray Beach, FL, USA
Bestselling Author of You Can Negotiate Anything & Negotiate This! By Caring But Not T-H-A-T Much
Tom_20flick_20head%2dshot1 Tom Flick / Seattle, WA, USA
Former Pro Athlete / Business Consultant
1 Warren Greshes / Raleigh, NC, USA
Provocative and hilarious, insightful and outrageous, Warren Greshes is a specialist in personal and professional development.
Scott_20mckain Scott McKain / Indianapolis, IN, USA
Business Expert / Motivator / Author
19321 Alan Parisse / Boulder, CO, USA
Seasoned Financial Services Expert With Over 20 Years of Experience
Lior%2darussy%2de1373517743857 Lior Arussy / New York, NY, USA
Customer Experience Management Expert and Author
Rick_barrera3 Rick Barrera / San Diego, CA, USA
Marketing Consultant & Author


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