Collin Mark Tillman,thirty years of good times with Air Force one and Collin Mark Tillman!!ladies and gentlemen!!we love you  air force one, i ve never seen anything so beautiful, great unforgettable experience about aviation  with you. Photo
Do you work with Collin Mark Tillman,thirty years of good times with Air Force one and Collin Mark Tillman!!ladies and gentlemen!!we love you air force one, i ve never seen anything so beautiful, great unforgettable experience about aviation with you.?
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Collin Mark Tillman,thirty years of good times with Air Force one and Collin Mark Tillman!!ladies and gentlemen!!we love you air force one, i ve never seen anything so beautiful, great unforgettable experience about aviation with you.

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Selected by the White House as the nations 12th Presidential pilot, Colonel (ret) Mark W. Tillman served President George W. Bush as pilot and commander of Air Force One from 2001-2009. As the leader of a large organization, his tenure was marked with excellence and an adherence to a Zero Fail philosophy.

Col. Tillman commanded Air Force One through multiple national events. Most notably, he protected the President and his staff on the day of September 11, 2001 by escaping and evading many potential threats. Through careful planning and flawless decision-making, Col. Tillman and his crew provided two urgent needs for the President--complete safety and constant connection to the nation's first responders.

President Bush's seemingly impromptu Thanksgiving visit to the United States military in Iraq was another highly regarded success of Col. Tillman and his crew. The challenge was unprecedented--transport the most targeted man in the world into the heart of terrorism. One mistake would have left the President open to attack and cost the lives of US service members. Col. Tillman personally orchestrated and executed the covert operation with flawless success. His planning, done in complete secrecy, allowed for a complete surprise to the entire world including the press.

Col Tillman later brought President Bush into the war zone on three other occasions and defended against numerous threats during his tenure as Presidential Pilot. Each of these experiences have been declassified and serve as a centerpiece to Col. Tillman's keynote messages on leadership, teamwork and the Zero Fail policies.

Col Tillmans distinguished career spans 30 years in the United States Air Force. Utilizing his Bachelors of Science degree in Chemical Engineering (Tulane Univ 79), he served as a Rocket Propulsion Engineer upon entering the service but was quickly selected to attend USAF pilot training. His flying experiences include time as a T-37 Instructor Pilot for undergraduate pilot training, C-130 transport pilot, VIP airlift as a pilot in the Gulfstream III and IV and Presidential pilot in the VC-25 or Boeing 747.

He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in 2004 and promoted to Brigadier General by the President of the United Statesthe first military line officer to receive this honor (not confirmed by the Senate Armed Services Committee).

A thought-provoking and riveting story teller, Col. Tillman continues to mentor others as a consultant in the aerospace industry and flying as a corporate pilot. He approaches each opportunity with the same personal mantra, "Zero failure doesnt just happen ... successful leaders make it happen."


We saw in Air Force One," the Sacred Cow" Airplane.

fans of Collin Mark Tillman

You are very interesting to draw with the nice form of your eyes , form of face and lips.
The Airplane Air Force One is very interesting to draw too with a form light and thin with a blue and white color.I like it.

fan of air Force One.
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It ' s Collin Mark Tillman the most Loyal of Air Force One, he did a good job said the americans men.

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I would like an autograph of Collin Mark Tillman for my portraits of Him.

a fan of Collin Mark

You have a very handsome face ,for art portrait , it 's 've got a very interesting Airplane, nice to draw too.I've got severals drawings of you, even one of Brigadier next to George Bush and a flag with your giant airplane .Thank you.

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I'd like to be with you and to see you because you are fascinating for me.


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I like Col.Mark Tillman ambiance in USSA BLOGGERS DISCUSSION.

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Air Force One Pilot Col.Mark Tillman, i adore that picture.

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I like your choice of interview with a pretty view of the park with the lake and the birds.

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I like your choice of a black suit with a white shirt and red tie.

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You can do a big book on Air Force One with many pictures of previous airplanes having small captions. The book could show pictures of all the people who worked on Air Force One from the start .

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We saw all the airplanes that were Air Force One with Ronald Reagan, as well as previous presidents, such as the Constellation picture in Wikipedia of Air Force One under Eisenhauer.

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You said you weren't alone in your time with Air Force one. You were with whom?

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We adore meeting in the air .

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air force one

i ask Collin to come and visit Brittanny in france, there is a nice cost, there s Saint Lunaire village with beaches of dreams for families on hollydays with very nice hotels and tennis places to practise the sport, i want him to come and visit Saint Malo and Rennes and i hope he will come because i m sure his family would love Brittanny s in ille et Vilaine area. he is very welcome here and with his americans friends too.i hope he will come in my lovely country.

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