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Sales Effectiveness Expert and Leadership GuruPresident,

Brian Parsley, President of WeSkill, guides business leaders on how to increase sales performance, solidify customer loyalty and build profits. Brian teaches time-tested business strategies and customer loyalty programs across all industry sectors including financial services, technology, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and professional services.

Brian's speaking engagements and workshops take him around the world and into companies that are devoted to achieving unparalleled results. Along with being a recurring guest on FOX News, Brian is a management consultant for several fortune 500

thought leaders and the author of InspHired, which gives leaders the tools and steps to hi re extraordinary individuals who produce results and remain loyal.

Brian has received numerous awards for professional excellence and is listed in Business Journal's Top 40 executives under 40. Brian speaks nationally and internationally to a wide range of companies, organizations and professional associations.

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HIA - Long Island, May 24, 2012

I just felt compelled to write you and let you know how inspiring your presentation was at the HIA on May 24th.
I have spent over 20 years on wall street, and have been to countless trainings (lessons) with many good presenters,
but the difference is that I walked away from your inspired to be & do better!

I am now working to have present at my next seminar! Thank you!

Charlotte Association of Legal Administrators Conference 2012

As a board member with the Charlotte Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) I have had my hand in planning 2-day annual conferences for the better part of a decade. Each conference has had several very good speakers, but I can not tell you how overwhelmingly positive the reviews of Brian Parsley were. Without question, he was one of the best speakers we have ever had. Brian was able to keep participants engaged throughout. One participant remarked that he would be OK if we cancelled the other speakers just to hear a few more hours from Brian.

March 1st 2012 - Charlotte MBA Luncheon

Brian delivers such a good message with his "plain speak" and "nickel words". He was a big hit at our recent luncheon, with many requests to have him back and/or have him speak more. I highly recommend Brain and his staff as they are all first class and you will not be disappointed.



2005 Dallas Texas

My friendship with Brian started out as a working relationship around 2005. I hired him as a speaker on behalf of Bank of American for a divisional sales meeting we hosted for our central division. Fortunately for me I found Brian Parsley and the rest is success history. Of all the feedback we received from meeting participants he was by far and away in a class of his own and the most talked about part of our meeting months after.

I've had exposure to many public speakers and trainers over the course of my 25 year career. I believe you get out of your career what you put into it and I've made a substantial investment over the years. Brian is the most passionate, funny and engaging speaker I've seen and/or worked with. It doesn't matter if you are engaging associates at the lowest levels of your organization, or senior level leadership, he'll tailor a dynamic presentation to fit your needs.

I've also gotten to know Brian at a personal level. I am fortunate to call him and his wife Jennifer friends having spent time with them in Jamaica. He lives by the principles he teaches others.

Lastly, I've read and used the principles in his book "inspHIREd". It's a book that I've bought numerous copies and given them as gifts to other leaders and hiring managers I've worked with. Simple principles that after reading will have you saying to yourself "why didn't I think of that"! He articulates his principles in a very human way.

If your company is looking for a dynamic speaker for your next business meeting why not look to one of the most dynamic speakers in the business. Plus he's just a great guy to boot.

Liberty Life Randburg Division - January 2012

I was so apprehensive going into the Brian Parsley session, fearing it was going to be another mind numbing presentation of sales jargon and how to make a cold call.

I left the talk and could not stop talking to people about how excited I was about my new venture. Only a week ago I was in a state, and doubting whether I had made the right decision moving from a guaranteed monthly salary to sales and 100% commission.

Brian made me realise that I do have what it takes, and that by slightly adjusting my thinking and my approach to clients I can do ANYTHING.

Hewlett Packard 2012 PSG Sales Kick Off

We hired Brian Parsley to train at our annual sales training and he was a huge success. Brian spoke in eight training sessions over a two day period and every single one was a hit with our sales force. Brian took the time to work with us to understand the messaging we were looking for and developed an extremely tailored presentation. Our event was comprised of several different training sessions and the post event survey told us what we expected; Brian’s session was voted number one by our sales force. Brian's has a unique ability to impart a message through lively and humorous stories. His engaging style kept the audience captivated from start to finish and I had countless people come up to me during the event to tell me how much they enjoyed and appreciated Brian’s session.

We are thankful that Brain was able to participate in our event and we continue to look for ways to utilize him and the entire WeSkill team in the future.

Blue Giant Equipment Corporation, Brampton, ON

Brian, let me just say that from the first moment I spoke with you, I was struck by your friendliness, your down to earth approach, and social grace. When we met you, you displayed an innate ability to connect with everyone on some level. Your presentation was relevant, appropriate, humorous but germane to our industry. We have had nothing but positive feedback regarding your keynote. Simply put, you made us look good.

Warmest thanks to you and your staff for being so easy to do business with. I hope we have another opportunity to work together in the future.

2010 - Liberty function South Africa

I cannot begin to articulate the impact Brian can have on your life once you have been to one of his events! It was the most engaging, enjoyable function I have ever attended! Over a year later we still speak about how captivating his presentation was! Would recommend him anytime!

DuPont National Sales Meeting

I suppose being the largest Chemical Company in the world and the oldest company in the DOWs stock Exchange we are a bit narcissistic and rarely would even consider picking an outside motivational speaker. In my 26 year career with DuPont i don't recall ever having a meeting that had so much positive energy. No doubt it was highlighted by the inspirational and humorous show Brian put on for the entire nationwide team. You know a speaker is good when the meeting is and everyone rushing back to their rooms stuffed on an elevator is smiling and talking about the motivational speaker. We are the biggest critics in the world and anyone who can survive an outing with DuPont is a winner. Brian did more than survive he won the hearts and minds and he found many a faithful follower. Thanks and God Bless my friend from all of DuPont Crop Protection

Fortune Fest /Orlando & Winning Edge training with FHTM

Listening to Brian reels you back into the "basics" of the selling process. Participating in his training is the equivalent to going to the driving range for sales. Whether somebody is new to sales or has many years of experience , both have to understand that "selling" is easy....understanding and repeating the process is the challenge.....welcome to "Brian's Drivng Range"

8/15/2001 ate the Aronoff

He made me realize the true diffrence between sayin you want something and being driven to get what you want. Example; The individuals at the "robots" who daily ask for food at each and every car that stops.

August 2011 Cincinnati, OH

Brian is a great speaker. Helps you to realize what you need to do to improve! For yourself and your business! Great ideas :))

Duke Energy Center - August 18, 2011

This was the first time I had heard Brian, but I hope it won't be the last! He spoke at our Pure Romance 2011 National Training, and connected with all of us in one way or another, those that I talked to about it had immense praise for him and several told me beforehand what an amazing speaker he was. He made us laugh at the same time we were learning, which is the only way TO learn. I look forward to hearing him again, and went so far as to buy his CD, which is NOT something I normally do after hearing speakers.

Pure Romance National Training Ohio

He has a way of connecting with everyone. He has a story for everything and makes you look and think of things in a different light. I love going to Brian's events!

August 18, 2011 Cincinnati Ohio

Brian has a way of relating to everyone in the room. He gives people life tips they can use everyday to improve their lives and their business! Hire him today for your next event!

August 18th and August 20th in Cincinnati Ohio

Brian as such a way with words, how he engages his audience, and how he can make one see their own potential whether it be in business or in their own personal life. I look forward to the next time I can see him again.

Twice in 2010 - AAF District 3 Leadership Conference in Charlotte, NC and Carolinas Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society, Charleston, SC

I had the opportunity to first hear Brian Parsley at the AAF District 3 Leadership Conference in Charlotte, NC. I was so impressed by the way he engaged the audience in his discussion and the pertinent points he brought home about leadership. I was beginning to plan for a health care marketing conference and I made sure that I met him before he left at the end of the presentation to inquire about his availability. Brian received some of the highest ratings our organization has received after his presentation to the health care marketing group. He does his homework on the group to which he is presenting. Every head was nodding in agreement with him on each point he made - they group didn't mind that his presentation was running long - they said 'keep going' even though it was the last session of the conference. I would recommend Brian to any organization looking to motivate their staff, their members, etc.

Multiple Events over the last 3 years

I love Brian! He always puts things into perspective. I love how he shows what you are doing, then shows another way that can totally change everything. Just like at the last event, he writes the same thing with different words, and it all comes together better.

Duke Energy Center - August 18, 2011

I've heard Brian Parsley speak on several occasions now and I always look forward to what else he has for me! He has a unique way of finding very basic, simplistic ideas to implement and I always have a "lightbulb" moment while hearing him speak. DUH! Why HAVEN'T I been doing this? He's very entertaining at all times... on and off the stage. He's no longer just a speaker at our Pure Romance Events, but he has become part of our family!

Multiple Pure Romance Events

I always enjoy Brian's positive energy! During all of his presentations I have many "a-ha" moments!

8-18-11 Duke Energy Center

Brian's energy and common sense talk is encouraging and realistic while holding you accountable that you are able and can reach your goals. I really enjoyed his message, his humor and down-to-earth personality. I was able to relate, stay focused, understand and found it possible to implement into my life which I think is exactly what each speaker should do to be effective!

Concord, NC - November, 2009

Brian has a nice easy way of presenting with a little injection of humor along the way. He has the ability to make you feel as if he were sitting next to you in you in an easy chair talking about his subject.

Pure Romance Annual Training 2009

Brian has so much charisma and knowledge, his talk just flowed so well and he is so full of great ideas and motivation and inspiration, it was SUCH a treat to watch him in action.. A+ speaker!

Several Super Saturday events in Florida & FHTM Fortune Fest Orlando also hosts "The Winning Edge"

I love Brian's teaching style!!! He's realistic, which has helped me realize my own potential and has taught me very valuable strategies for building my business. I love "The Winning Edge" online training in which he hosts and seeing him in person when I go to events all over the country. I always go away with several pearls of wisdom after seeing Brian. Very much worth your time and money! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Pure Romance Convention

Brian is one the most honest speakers I have meet. Brian does not sugar coat or tell you what you want to hear. He straight forward and honest. When I got to convention I was ready to chuck my business. I was their because I paid for it. Not now, I want to work my business. If your organization is having issues with motivation, Brian is the person you need. He builds self confidence while teaching you how to make things happen. This is one person you can not afford to not have connected with your company, organization or any other type of group. Call him
today! You never regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 2011, Johannesburg South Africa

Brian is a straightforward / Frank & Honest Guy whose humour captivates you so much that you follow through his argument from start to finish. And whats more, all his words make absolute sense and have good Universal Applicability, whether you are in Africa, States Europe etc. His words Go to the core of the sales matter, & makes you feel, inadequate and not doing enough, making you want to instantly jump and make things happen, better than before. I bet he can sell you to yoursellf at a price tag you cannot believe!!

2011 National Training in Ohio

He is one of the most brilliant people I have ever listened to. He has a real knack in connecting with the people around him. He speaks the truth and talks about common sense situations that speak to everyone.

Fortune Fest 2010

Brian is very innovative, his deliveries as well as his jokes keep ypu wanting to hear more. My personal observation of Brian is that he is a state of the art teacher as well as motivational and he is very sharp and witty!

Odell Cohens, Jr New Haven CT

21 May 2011, Phoenix, Arizona

Because he is so natural and full of energy when he talks, he has an awesome attitude.
While I learned a lot, he makes the whole speech very entertaining and I enjoyed being there.
I went from the event with a smile on my face and a better self confidence..

California, June 10th 2011

Brian's ability to connect with the audience is unbelievable. His words are full of impact . . . not only inspiring and truthful, but comical as well. I walked away feeling entertained and ready to make positive and realistic moves.

21st May 2011 in Phoenix at Master Marketing Event

Very very funny. Looks funny and delivers in a great posture.

Has so much knowledge to share, always expands the context on the mind.

Brian also speaks about unique personal developments I have heard no one else share, very fascinating.

Look forward to hearing more of Brian Parsley in the future. Feel so blessed that he is part of my "Circle".

21st May 2011 in Phoenix at Master Marketing Event

Very very funny. Looks funny and delivers in a great posture.

Has so much knowledge to share, always expands the context on the mind.

Brian also speaks about unique personal developments I have heard no one else share, very fascinating.

Look forward to hearing more of Brian Parsley in the future. Feel so blessed that he is part of my "Circle".

21st May 2011 in Phoenix at Master Marketing Event

Very very funny. Looks funny and delivers in a great posture.

Has so much knowledge to share, always expands the context on the mind.

Brian also speaks about unique personal developments I have heard no one else share, very fascinating.

Look forward to hearing more of Brian Parsley in the future. Feel so blessed that he is part of my "Circle".

May 26, 2011 - Sarasota, FL (Our Company Meeting)

Brian was right on topic for our business. He didn't hold anything back and his presentation was very engaging and energetic. He had you shaking your head like "yep, that's so true".

London, England

You have impacted my business in so many ways. I was not expecting anything and yet walked away changed. Thank you we will be using you again.

Carbon Copy Pro Phoenix

Inspiring and practical with good golden nuggets of wisdom

Phoenix, May 2011 - MME7

Great clarity of thought and injection of humour kept me interested and engaged throught the presentation.

About 8 months ago; South Africa

I enjoyed you presentation because it showed that I was on the right path, but that action was now vital. You built energy that I still have today.

MME 7 - Phoenix, AZ

I always enjoy Brian's talks. Its his great delivery and keeps you engaged with interaction. He always has a good touch of humour and makes things really easy to understand. Thanks Brian I appreciate you!

May 21, 2011 at CarbonCopyPRO Master Marketing Event 7 (MME7)

Both my wife and I loved your presentation. It was very important to me because you reinforce what I believe in already, which is integrity. Integrity is not that easy to find these days. Thank you Brian!

At the ProU event in Phoneix AZ

Your talk resonated with me. Not only did you provide valuable content in your words but the reality on how to condition your brain to do everything you want is so real. I love it when you mentioned that we shouldn't be concerned on what type of product we launch because the way it comes down to is that marketing is all about how you present a product based on people's needs and wants. The Snuggies concept was Hilarious and it really made sense when you mention don't worry about what your trying to market. If a company like Snuggie can sell a stupid product like Snuggie and Snuggie dog then anything is possible XD

Carbon Copy PRO MME7, Phoenix AZ, May 21, 2011

You are in inspiration to me. Your humor and speaking style is very unique, but the best part of it is that you leave a lasting impression. I have enjoyed listening to you over the past year and will continue to learn from all your lessons. Thank you for all you give to our community. You Rock!

May 26, 1011 in Sarasota, FL

It was fast paced, very witty, and very thought provoking and motivational.

Montgomery, Ohio

Brian is very effective in his speaking style in a way that is unique and 'fun'. He 'puts the jelly on the bottom shelf' and makes you feel that YOU can do anything..... Must be a West Virginia thing :) Thanks Brian for your encouragement to get the job done. Best of luck to you!

Sarasota FL, May 26, 2011

You were engaging and prompted great laughter all the while sharing valuable insight. A great speaker is a story teller and uses that technique to really relate the topic to the audience and I believe you did that in spades.

May 26th 2011 Hyatt Sarasota

I've attended several sales seminars and found your presentation humorous yet very relevant to everyday life. I've worked in real estate for 15 years and with it's high highs and low lows it's easy to get distracted and lose focus. Thanks for the check up...ready and reenergized.

Carbon Copy Pro MME7 event in Phonenix, AZ, on May 21, 2011

I didn't just enjoy your talk, I was motivated, inspired and empowered by it! From the second you took to the stage the positive energy abounded! I've listened to many, many speakers over the past 2 decades and it was refreshing to encounter you and to find you were sincere, genuine, actually cared and were not motivated by money...but by people and the opportunity to enrich them. It is those qualities that define success and prosperity is the natural by product of embracing those qualities, both personally and professionally. The end result is that I and many others were able to soak up like sponges, the knowledge and pearls of wisdom you shared with us. Not only will be able to apply this to our own lives, but it enables us to "Pay it Forward" and help others as well. I appreciate you and bless you.

Thursday May, 26th 2011/Sarasota, FL

Your talk was informative, inspirational, motivational and incredibly funny - Hit home with me on a personal, as well as, professional level. Loved that you ended with being grateful! Again, Thank you for coming to our beautiful city, not to mention, home of the #1 beach in the country!!

Michael Saunders & Company Annual Company-wide meeting, Sarasota FL, May 26,2011

Brian's motivational style, sincerity, and passion for sharing his path to success and his references to his relationship with his 6 year old daughter and how important family is to him, made me believe he values everything in life. "Make your ceiling your floor" was such a great comment and good way to think about raising the bar professionally.

Phoenix, Arizona / CCP MME7 / May 21, 2011

You woke us up with bits of humor interspersed with valuable training. You seemed truly humble and grateful for the opportunity to share, giving us the benefit of your expertise. The audience lightened up and was smiling when you walked on stage, laughing with ease when you left to much applause.

May 21@ PHX AZ

simplicity, spoke with conviction, love for your family, & made me laugh! thank you.

Sat., May 21 in Phoenix, Az @ CCPRO MME7 event

You talked about winning virtue's that is really needed more than ever in today's day & age. Also, I enjoyed your down to earth personality & stories that you presented especially the blind man video that you presented in the event. Thanks again for your inspiration.

May 2011- Cincinnati, Ohio

Brian speaks from his life and from his heart. He holds your interest in what he has to say. Brian is a great story teller and has a good message to share to sales people.

May 2011- Cincinnati, Ohio

Brian speaks from his life and from his heart. He holds your interest in what he has to say. Brian is a great story teller and has a good message to share to sales people.

May 2011 Cincinnati, Ohio

I loved your use of stories and humor to keep us on the edge of our seats. The time flew by while you were speaking.

Carbon Copy Pro event

I really loved your awesome energy, your message, & humor. I was moved to laugh out loud, felt empathy and inspiration at points and connected to your authenticity. I really related and enjoyed your story about teaching your child about money management...just lovely. Your audience including me was totally captivated by you!! I'm a total fan!!

November 2010, Las Vegas

You give valuable lessons in a very interactive and kind of funny way...It's like getting top business education without listening to a boring professor for hours. Since I've gone through PRO U courses, one thing I notice is that I ALWAYS get something valuable from you. That's something very rare in today's world. Thank You Brian!

May 25, 2011 Cincinnati, OH

Brian brings a straight forward approach to successful relationship building. He helped me realize the personal touches are more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. I appreciate Brian's refreshing approach. Best Wishes, Chris Jackson

May 21 - CarbonCopyPRO Master Marketing Event

Bryan masterfully enlightened and educated the entrepreneurial crowd on a couple of the most important pillars of living a fulfilled life...namely, gratitude & kindness. His words, and the emotion and intention behind his words, showered me with a rejuvenated awareness of how often kindness & gratitude can be practiced... I hung onto each gem of inspiration and didn't miss a drop! The stories he shared gave a warm chuckle, too.

Thank you Brian for shining your light~

Cincinnati, Ohio (Sibcy Cline Realtors)

I have seen dozens of speakers and there have been none that I enjoyed more. I think you are down to earth, non pretentious and honest! You have a sense of humor that draws the audience in. I especially like your sense of humor. Thank you!

Sibcy Cline Spring Rally, Cincinnati, OH May 2011

Brian connects with his audience on a personal and genuine level. He's not a stuffy know it all. He's fun and engaging and shares a very powerful message - one that kicks you in the butt and helps you remember that you really CAN achieve those goals that you set well over a year ago and haven't bothered to check in on. I laughed. I cried. I was inspired. And his name is fun too!

Cincinnati, Ohio

You really made me think about my Brand and how I pursue my real estate career. I hope to get my license in June and I am currently working on my business plan. You made a huge impact on how I will go about it. Thank you.

May 21st 2011 Phoenix, AZ

Very raw, real and transparent.

May 24, 2011, Mason, OH

Entertaining, interesting, thought provoking and enjoyable.

Cincinnati, Ohio @ the Manor House

Yes. It was engaging and kept my interest. You reaffirmed several of my ideas and gave me a couple of new ones. Thank You

February 2009, January 2010 and recently as January 2011.

I enjoyed the "real" world angle that Brian injects into his seminars. I have seen many motivational speakers through the years and Brian's material is used on a constant basis.

The Carbon Copy PRO Master Marketing Event May 21st 2011 in Phoenix

Brian had an incredible timing on his "childlike" humor, making me feel like a kid again because he knew his audience and where they were - which made the lesson so fun to learn from! His best points came from talking about his 6 year old daughter on some keypoints about not only upbringing of a child, but how you can implement leadership and responsibility in your children from an early age. That part, I took graciously with me home, as I have 3 year old son...

MME7 in Phoenix, AZ

Because your talk was more than uplifting. It had real world application that you were speaking at a level that really anyone could grab a hold of at the same time speaking in a way to awaken people to what they could be!

Cincinnati. This morning.

You were funny and clear, thoughtful and genuine and not afraid to be who you are!

Sibcy Cline, Cincinnati

You are "real". You didn't say anything that I didn't know, hadn't read, or heard before but the way you presented it was enjoyable and reiterated that life is what you make of it! Thanks.

Carbon Copy Pro's MME7 (Master Marketers Event 7)

Educational, Inspirational and Fun. It was the first time I heard you speak. I can honestly say it won't be the last, because I will be going out of my way to follow you. Thanks Brian.

May 24, 2011 Mason, OH

A couple of phrases you used really struck a chord with me. "People don't like to be sold, they like to buy" and "I don't sell houses, I help people achieve their dreams". These phrases confirm the way I conduct my business, and also the way I like to be treated in a sales environment as a consumer. I also learned ways to improve on this from your talk. I found it helpful and infromative, and also hilarious, which was SO refreshing. You are very passionate about what you do, and why you do it, and that in itself is insprational and can be carried over in any career. I feel you could reach out to any audience and leave them "pumped" and ready to get to work. Learned a lot and had a great time! Thank you!!!

May 21st. MME7

What I enjoyed most about the talk you gave was that you were real and not boring. Your winning virtues are simply put awesome. I hope that I will get to hear more of your talks in the future, and I have a very good feeling that will.

May 24, 2010 at the Sibcy Cline Rally in Mason's Manor House

Brian's presentation was very informative and he presented it with great energy, passion and humor (which always keeps the audiance awake (!!) He gave great examples and ideas on Branding, Value to the customers... a lot to follow-up on. Very Inspiring!

Cincinnati Ohio

Entertaining,light hearted and real life examples. Brian comes across as an ordinary guy with a great message.

May 24th, 2011 Sibcy Cline Realtors Event at the Manor House in Mason, OH.

Your message was very simple and your support of it was extremely compelling. There is no secret recipe for success and I share your thoughts with regard to simply working harder, having a clear objective and strategy. Your enthusiasm for our company and industry was most appreciated.

May 24th, 2011 - Cincinnati, Ohio

Best use of humor in a motivational presentation I have ever seen. Direct points and interesting examples sets Brian apart from all the rest.

Sibcy Cline Mason, Ohio

It was personal,enlightening,and workable.


Some of the best, most positive advice I've ever heard. What I get from you is, "Be yourself. Be the best you. Become great."

May 2011 at an Allen Tate Company Leadership Enrichment

Brian kept us thinking and laughing! He offers great insight and different ways of seeing situations which we encounter in both our professional personal lives. So informative and thought-provoking yet full of humor! Thoroughly enjoyed him!

First at CCPro's Back Office, Then at MME 6 & MME7

Brian has a great way with words and he is funny without being self-depreciating. He finds a way to become a master of his audience without making them feel like he's a know it all. Brian comes down to earth and stays there knowing how to read his audience and become part of their lives for just that moment. If there's anyone I could learn to speak from, it would be Brian because when I'm on stage I would like to have that same command of myself and my audience.

Thank you Brian for showing us all how we can better serve our audiences.

MME7 Phoenix Arizona

You always evoke compassion and kindness within me as well as inspiration to create a better world!

May 21 in Phoenix, Arizona

You brought a new perspective to aspects of my business and dealing with people, especially with my family. You brought clarity to my muddy mind stream and new ideas I didn't know I absolutely needed.

Sat. May 21, 2011 - Pro Elite - Phoenix AZ

Presentation was entertaining and full with great insight. I wrote down at least 5 separate quotes from Brian that I can not wait to use in my daily interactions. My favorite was, "Hope is not a strategy, but it can get you elected." Brian's insight about learning from children is brilliant. Great job and I can't wait to finish the CD.

Sat. May 21, 2011 - Pro Elite- Phoenix, AZ

I was truly inspired by the incorporation of humor and ease of the information being presented. It all flowed superb and I enjoyed the whole experience.

Rock Hill SC and Charlotte NC

I met Brian in 2007 as I hired him to train and mentor our leadership team on customer loyalty. Then Brian trained me on how to train the entire team of 85 employees. Brian is very passionate out his profession. He is a key to success for any business. I try to attend Brian's speaking engagements as much as possible. His positive energy is contagious!

Brenda Billardello
Vice President
Provident Community Bank
Rock Hill SC

Friday, May 20, 2011 Allen Tate Leadership Enrichment

The content was fresh, focused and right on target. There are no "mixing of words" and "buzz words". I felt as though you and I were chattng over coffee....Your approach not only to business, but life in general is very refreshing. Thank you so much!

Phoenix event

You are a great speaker, with a very clear adress. You serve your bullet-points with wisdom and fun. Once again; a great speaker with lots of charm and wisdom.

May 2011 Technocom Business Systems

I enjoyed listening to your presentation because as a sales professional I think it is so important to treat your clients like they are the most important client and your talk not only reinforced that belief but gave me insight and practical information to communicate that message more effectively to my clients.

Charlotte, NC

I wasn't sure what to expect when our company brought in Brian to speak. I was moved by his message on different levels. He made me laugh and made me think. He has a way to connect with everyone in the room. I hope we have him back again.

May 18/AAF of the Midlands Luncheon, Columbia SC

"A Riveting, thought-provoking speaker"..."He was much better than 'Cats'."

Seriously, Brian is one of the most inspirational and empowering speakers I have ever seen. He's fantastic!!! I laughed, I cried (mostly from laughing) and enjoyed myself thoroughly. And what a great way to spend time away from the office!

I have seen him twice in the past year and always take away something new....looking forward to the next time I have the chance to hear him.

5/13/2011 at the VSHMPR Spring Conference at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, VA

Brian was FANTASTIC!!!! He empowered our group of healthcare marketing and PR professionals to be better at what we do each day, face challenges as they come, and not settle for second best.

I've heard him speak several times

I was taught as a young woman that if you want to be smart, hang around smarter people! Brian is that "smarter" person. What makes him so unique and so attractive to companies is his sense of humor, high level of integrity, genuine interest in helping others and his skills to make people feel important. What matters most is results and that is what Brian delivers. He is a blessing to any company that hires him.


Most people would ask why we would hire the same speaker over and over? The answer is because Brian delivers something unique each time. He has an ability to share ideas that leaves you wanting more. Best investment we make in sales training each year!

Jan 2011, Newport Beach

Brian is a great story teller and was very relational. Immediately our audience connected with him on a personal level and were engaged throughout the presentation. We will definitely hire him again.

Laguna Hills, CA

I LOVED everything you said! I couldn't write fast enough. The points were real world and not fluff. I also found your style very refreshing. Most speakers have huge egos and you made me feel like we were having a conversation.

New York City

We have hired Brian several times over the past few years. He has increased our sales effectiveness, but that's not why we bring him back each year. Brian has a way to connect with the audience that I have never seen before. Everyone LOVES him! He is real and he's authentic. Most speakers have huge egos and think they have all the answers. Brian makes you believe you can achieve everything....and he shares the strategies to make it happen.

a year ago in lansing

kept my interest, gave great info and was entertaining as well

Biomet Microfixation National Sales Meeting, 6/2010

Of all the speakers I have ever heard, Brian Parsley by far was the most down-to-earth yet energizing at the same time. Brian did not fill us in the audience with a lot of 'pie in the sky' whimsical useless nonsense; instead he helped us identify strengths in ourselves and brought out our own awareness of our own confidence. I would love to see Brian present each year and look forward to seeing him again at my next sales meeting.

2010 - Liberty Life Roadshow - Cape Town

The best speaker on the planet! Since the talk about 7 months ago I have increased my sales by 74%. Stuck to the basics and focused on the balance between sales and service. The most important message I took from your talk and will keep for life is this.. Work harder than the rest and you will be the best.Also that everything you spoke of was based on experience and not theory. I would recommend you to every business owner who needs a boost with their sales force.

Nashville Convention

You kept things very real and in your face more or less. Can't wait to hear you speak again at our next training.

Dallas, Texas

I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at our company conference this spring. There were over 6,000 people there, but I felt like you were speaking only to me. I am quite the cynic when it comes to speakers. However, you made me stop and think about how I can be a better person. Since I left, I have changed how I communicate with my customers and most importantly, my family. I can't thank you enough and I am now your "official" fan for life.

Portland, Oregon

We hired Brian to speak at our annual conference for leaders. He was able to build rapport fast and keep everyone engaged for over three hours. His philosophies can be applied both professionally and personally. We will hire him again for our next conference.

Westin and Ritz Carlton-Charlotte, NC

You make people think about issues we face day to day. You teach us how to get back to basics and you share things in a way never heard before. Your messages are always dynamic and filled with passion. When you speak at our events we receive the highest ratings possible from our members and guest. Thank you for your continued motivation. We look forward to the opportunity to hear you speak again soon.

Washington DC

Brian provided wonderful insigh on customer sales and client loyalty. I always find myself leaving his talks with a new sense of purpose and drive. I hope my company will hire him in the future.

Las Vegas November 2010 Review

Three components separate your presentations from countless others I've participated in and witnessed over my career.

First, it's obvious you genuinely care for the individuals in the audience ... not the group as a whole. And one feels as though you are speaking to just them.

Secondly, your ability to communicate an idea, vision, or perspective in such a way that's understandable is very refreshing. Listening to you is easy. And I leave your masterminds always wanting more.

Lastly, it's always more than very informative. You always make it what this world needs more of ... fun. I always feel I'm a better person having heard you share.

As we say here in the south, "Keep preachin' brother!"

John Jackson aka JJ

Atlanta, GA

I've seen a lot of speakers in my day and was expecting the same boring bs. I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed interacting with Brian. He's a clear step above the others I have seen. I came out truly with a better understanding of how to connect with people both in business and everyday life. Thank you Brian!!

Numerous locations across the USA

Brian instantly engages his audience. One of the most important things for me in hiring a speaker is having someone who will do their homework on our company. I have been embarrassed by speakers who didn't take the time to understand us, and they were either offensive, irrelavent, or both. Look no further - you will be delighted with Brian!

Chicago, IL

Hands down the best speaker I have ever seen. The only bad part about it was that it has to end. I could have been there an extra day just listening to Brian. So motivating and at the same time so simple. If you have the chance, you NEED to see him.

Miami, FL

Wow....I really connected with Brian. 27 of us from our firm saw him and we were all inspired. You come out feeling like you can do anything! I can't wait for him to come back.

2002, 2004 and 2005

You have an amazing ability to personalize your message that allows everyone to believe it's "for them". No one walks away unaffected. It's real, entertaining and engaging - the perfect combination for business events when the audience is so diverse.

January 2010, Charlotte, NC

i enjoy the way you are able to connect with the crowd through your passion. You help break it down for me so that I can understand the value of connecting with people to improve my business and my life. You speak to my professional life and personal life.


What I loved about using you in our sales conferences is the humor, enthusiasm, and industry specific references that were used to tie it all together and create a real connection with the audience. Was a highlight of our annual sales conference.

2010, Johannesburg, South Africa

Your passion and enthusiasm is as clear as the light of day for all to see. I think those are your greatest strengths. Apart from that, you make it look easy. You touched on so many important issues that all struck a chord with me. I wish more people were exposed to your gift!

2010 Las Vegas

When I heard you speak I was pleased that I could easily relate and apply your message to my business. As a new business owner I thank you for your inspiration.

2011 Nashville,TN

I enjoy the fact that your message always hits home.. I love the fact that I can take home the message, apply it to my personal life and my business and really see a difference. Thanks for showing your true passion for what you do and teaching us to follow our passion as well.

April 2009 Lansing Michigan

I will never forget the first time I heard you speak. I love how you inspired me to look deep inside and truly see the potential within that even at that time I didn't even know exsisted. Thank you so much..

Charlotte, NC

Brian was not only incredibly inspiring he shared a ton of great information! There is no doubt I will be attending the next time Brian is speaking in this area!

Cape Town, South Africa

This guy was AMAZING! I have been to a lot of seminars in my days, yet this one was so different. He made me think about how I can be a better person and not just a better business professional. I can't wait to hear you again!

New York City

What I loved most about Brian was how authentic he was. He was entertaining but shared valuable lessons I will use in my business life. I have seen many speakers, but he was by far the most inspiring.

Las Vegas

We have hired speakers each year for our annual conference. Brian by far was the BEST speaker I have heard. Everyone raved about him and want him back again. I guess it's his way of connecting to everyone as if he was speaking one to one. Don't know what your secret is, but keep it up!

Fortune Fest 2009 & Super Saturday in Jacksonville Flordia, Feb. 12th 2011

WOW!! You kept our attention and your message was VERY CLEAR! You have taken our business to new heights and growth becuase of your trainings... Not only did you have GREAT Information but you brought it with humor... Keep it up Brian, YOU ARE THE BEST !!

Charlotte, Cincinnati, Nashville, 2009,2010, 2011

I think we all love everything about Brian. What he says during his seminars cuts straight to the heart, hitting the emotional side of our brain, thus I believe sticking. There is laughter infused in his speech and just a laid back feel to him. He makes you feel like he is one of you and can relate to every situation and adapt to each audience. I have left his seminars with new ideas and refueled. Thank you Brian!

2009 & 2010 SALESGURU Seminars

Brian is the consummate professional! SALESGURU hosts over 1500 sales people at our conferences in South Africa and Brian has been to South Africa twice to address audiences in Johannesburg, Capetown and Durban. On both occassions his address was absolutely captivating, totally motivating and the audience left with great sales and life skills information. Feedback from the events was brilliant with Brian scoring very highly on all aspects of his presentation.

Pure Romance National Training in 2008 or 2009.

You are a very motivational speaker. I have pages of notes from your talk that I reveiw constantly. I learned alot from you. That was the first ever National Training I attended, and you were very motivating!

2010 - Liberty Life - South Africa

your talk was informative, to the point, touched on basic principles that can help me better with my clients, the relationships with them and therefore increasing my business and enhancing the service to my clients, through little things.......which i have done!!!!

Fortune Fest, September 2010, Lexington, KY

Very inspiring young man. Left feeling good about myself and the world. Very uplifting.

Austin, TX 2009 the Texas Courier & Logistics Association Convention

Your genuine love of helping others and sharing the importance of service is refreshing. The passion in which you live your life daily and the true friendships you build through your walk on this earth is great to see.

Pure Romance Training and Convention

Brian is very personable and it feels like he is speaking right to you. He has tangible things you can take with you to apply to your business or life to see improvement immediately. He is just a super nice guy. You will want to hang out with him.

Pure Romance Conventions and Training

I enjoy your talks because they have transformed my business. I have left many training sessions after hearing you speak and have seen my business grow. You have shown myself and many ladies how our "brand" is the most important aspect of who we are and what we want to be. You have shown us that having passion for what we do in life is key to the success we deserve. Thank you!

2006, all over the US

Highly engaging, always informative and never boring. I had the opportunity to listen to Brian on several occasions while he trained our associates. Even though I was listening to the same program every time, I never got bored, and I learned something new with every presentation. The information he provided has stuck with me since.

Nashville TN, Las Vegas NV, and Cincinnati, OH 2009-2011

You are captivating and current. You have the rare ability to draw each and every guest into your presentations. Brian isn't afraid to share his personal stories and struggles to make sure the point of his topic is genuine.

Charlotte, NC; Nashville, TN; Cincinnati, OH

Brian Parsley is an amazing speaker! He enters your heart and brings out emotions. He helps me to see that I can do anything that I am willing to try as long as I live with passion and commitment. Brian not only helps with the business side, he also brings an enlightenment into becoming a better person.

April 2011 and Cincinatti 2010

Brian is truly a great, heartfelt motivational speaker. He truly cares about our company and does EVERYTHING he can to help us grow. He speaks from the heart and truly wants everyone to learn and grow!!

Aliso Viejo, CA, Utah & Newport Beach, CA

I have loved Brian's speaking to our company. each time he brought a different angle to Sales and Personal relationship building. He is funny, engaging and speaks to all levels in the room from Customer Service to the President of a Company. Hope to see you again soon.
I would definitly recommend to any size company and to friends and family. He is GREAT!

April 2011 in Nashville, TN

You have really taken our company to heart and I love your dedication and passion to help further the women in our company, not only in business, but as people. You always are inspiring and make me realize I can do anything I set my mind to. I just want to thank you for all you do.

Nashville, April 2011

Brian's authentic humor, engaging demeanor, and ability to the heart of the matter makes him easily one of the best speakers I've listened to (out of many!). Several times that I've attended one of his speaking engagements, he has mingled in the crowd afterward, speaking individually to attendees and making one-on-one connections. Fantastic!

About 8 months ago at Charlotte Small Business Pros

He was a great speaker. I enjoy every minute. The time just fly when he was speaking because he keep my attention. I wished to have more time that day.
Mynor Corrales

Charlotte NC 2009

you had a great way of personally connecting with everyone in the office, despite a few hundred people in attendance. It was a very motivational speech.

Concord, NC at the NC Fire Chiefs Association Mid-Winter Conference

The information presented was so true and from the heart. I felt as though I had developed a friendship in the short time I listened to Brian. It was an instant connection to what he was discussing. When Brian finished speaking I was amazed at how fast the time had gone by. I was pumped up and ready to reach out to others to try and make a difference in the world.

Cincinnati, Lansing, Nashville--several times over the past few years and most recently April 2011

You speak from a special place in your heart, sharing personal stories of overcoming obstacles, finding humor and being true to yourself. You bring integrity and accountability to the table like none other and often evoke a remarkable combination of laughter and tears. I enjoy your southern gentleman approach and always feel like you're speaking directly to me rather than to a huge group of people. Most of all, you are easy to relate to and your content is always relevant and easy to implement, both in my professional life and in my personal life. You have motivated me on several occasions to become the best version of myself...not the "me" I think others want to see, but the real me who is honest enough to admit I have flaws and inspired enough to continue to make improvements.

Minnesota a few years ago

You are a very engaging, enthusiastic, entertaining & knowledgeable presenter with an amazing stage/crowd presence. You truly knows how to motivate a group! You are probably one of the best presenters I have ever had the pleasure of seeing live.

quite a few years ago you spoke to APA Charlotte at 2 different meetings

You were inspirational, spoke from a good place in the heart and hit home with the topics you covered. Years later many of my co-members still speak of your events as being some of the most memorable. I carry your stories with me and look forward to hearing you again in the future.

March 10, 2011- Las Vegas

Unlike many speakers, you didn't have a huge ego or use a lot of hot "buzz words". You spoke plain english and kept it easy to understand and digest. A nice dose of humor always helps too. It was very entertaining, yet had practical tips that were easy to remember (and that I'm still using). I hope you are asked back again next year!

Nashville, April 2011

I felt like Brian was speaking to me. A lot of speakers talk "at" the audience. His message will help me build my business and be a better person. The best money our company has ever spent was having him at our convention.

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Sales Effectiveness

Employee Loyalty

Dynamic Customer Experiences


Finding Purpose in Business and Life

The Simple Truths ( A program that focuses on the inside out proposition for employees to get back their purpose)

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