Busy Philipps

Comedic Actress Known for "Freaks and Geeks" and "Cougar Town"

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As a toddler, Elizabeth Jean Philipps reportedly had such endless energy, her parents called her "Busy," a nickname that stuck - even appearing on her driver's license. She started acting in school productions, and was voted Best Actress in her senior yearbook. After training at the Acting Lab of Arizona and at England's Oxford School of Drama, she performed at various community productions in the Scottsdale area.

In 1999, Philipps landed a supporting role on "Freaks and Geeks," created by director Judd Apatow, the show appealed mostly to Gen-Xers who recognized a bit of themselves as they tried to survive high school. While the well-written series departed from the typical over-hyped, over-glamorized teen dramas that dominated the networks at that time, it failed to attract a mainstream audience and was prematurely taken off the air. Thankfully, the show would later earn cult status, and Apatow and a good amount of the cast would go on to greater fame.

After the infamous cancellation, Philipps stayed busy with guest-starring roles on the offbeat comedy series "Malcolm in the Middle" (Fox, 2000-06), the post-collegiate drama "Undeclared" (Fox, 2001-02), and appeared in various made-for-TV movies. In 2003, Philipps joined the cast of "Dawson's Creek" (The WB, 1998-2003). The actress' first lead role on a television series was the on the UPN sitcom, "Love, Inc.," in which she played a successful dating consultant who struggles with finding love. In 2006, she checked into NBC's hit series "ER," with a recurring role.

Philipps kept up her guest appearances on television, soon landing a recurring role on the action series "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," a small screen spin-off of the blockbuster "Terminator" film franchise. After many years paying her dues, Philipps landed a role on the series, "Cougar Town." For a while it seemed “Cougar Town” would suffer the fate as “Freaks and Geeks” but TBS picked up the comedy when ABC canceled the show. As she often had on shows in the past, Philipps often stole scenes as Cobb's feisty and party-going best friend.


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