Cindy VanArnam

Being a survivor and a success in the battle with substance abuse, I help others find it within themselves to succeed in overcoming and conquering the obstacles, fears, and challenges they will face and I teach them the specific techniques that I used to

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Vancouver, BC, Canada  •  General Availability

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You can visit my website at, or read the following bio:Several years ago, I was trapped deep in the pit of hell we know as substance abuse.  Heavily addicted to cocaine, with no hope for the future; I was able to crawl my way out of that pit.  With the love and support of an understanding family, I have been clean, without formal treatment, for over six years.

**Through my own journey and education I have become passionate about helping the youth of today avoid the trap of substance abuse.  By teaching the

techniques that I have used myself I am able to help parents and their loved ones.  I am truly focused on youth empowerment and advocacy and I have a vision of building an army of youth dedicated to changing the world we live in for the better.**


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