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As of January 2010, I have started or been involved with the launch of 16 businesses from 2003 to Present.

As of January 2010, I have started or been involved with the launch of 16 businesses from 2003 to Present. I am always looking to speak to groups looking to inspire, teach, or educate future entrepreneurs, solo brands, and small businesses on business and social strategy.

Entrepreneurship Instructor:

Since 2007 I have been teaching, and providing entrepreneurship experiences for teens in the Columbus, OH area. I have worked on teen business programs with such organizations as The Godman Guild Association, Central Community House, and the Columbus Art and Technology Academy. Youth entrepreneurship programs are free for students. Teens have the opportunity to either start a business with a group, or create a personal business plan.

Small Business Start-up Consultant:

In 2006 I began consulting start-up businesses and have a passion for entrepreneurship and developing new small businesses. My work as a start-up consultant led to the creation of the "4-Steps" teaching model that Young University uses today. My specialty is advising, and engaging in business development pre-launch, and assisting existing business owners with developing new approaches to handle issues in their business.

Business Strategist:

In 2007 I began working with existing businesses on utilizing new technology, and adopting innovative vehicles to promote, and grow their businesses. My niche is working with businesses who have been in existence for many years and cemented their daily operations in technology, and strategies that may not be appropriate, or valuable for today's age.

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Central Ohio Realtor's Expo - April 2011

Elijah is terrific in being laser targeted on information of tremendous value to the audience he's speaking to. He does this in a very fun and entertaining way which helps the audience connect and interact. Always love listening and watching his presentations.

Marnie Sablan · iZigg Mobile Media
Beyond Social 101 Conference: Feb 2011

Elijah has a unique approach to public speaking: no fluff, great information and tips, and lots of humor. His presentation at this conference resonated with me not only because I left with great information to help improve my business, but also because he connected with the audience and we had fun.

Cheryl Isaac

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