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James Howard Kunstler  

Novelist, Urban Planning Advocate, Journalist & Social Critic

James Howard Kunstler, is the author of fifteen books, including ten novels and five nonfiction books about suburban sprawl and the high costs associated with an automobile-centric culture. Among his works, The Long Emergency expanded on his past critiques of suburbia and explored the sweeping economic, political and social changes resulting from the end of access to cheap fossil fuels and the impact this will have on the way we live, work, farm and build. His newest nonfiction book, Too Much Magic (summer of 2012), is a critical examination of our over-reliance on the idea that technology will be our salvation from global warming and increasingly costly petroleum-based energy. In it he offers a more sober and realistic view of the road ahead and offers insights in how society can adapt by reducing consumption and following a more sustainable path. He has lectured extensively in the US and abroad about urban design, energy issues and new economies. As a journalist, he continues to write articles and Op-Ed pieces for various periodicals.

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