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Education, Writing, Study Skills, Communication, Pre-Algebra, English as a Second Language, English, Basic Math, and Algebra

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When I was little, I acknowledged very early on my passion for teaching and helping others. I have been tutoring students since I was thirteen, starting out with Math, but soon transitioning into English. I have always been successful in English and writing, so assisting other students with what I personally enjoy and do outside of school made tutoring in English very comfortable and natural. I briefly tutored in playing the trumpet as well.

I was born in Long Island, New York, but I moved to Georgia when I was one years old, and I have remained within less than an hour distance of Atlanta ever since. I enjoy writing, public speaking, traveling, and attending various programs that improve my leadership skills and cultural competence. Teachers have a major influence in students' lives. It takes more to be a successful and beneficial teacher than simply knowing how to teach, but being able to understand and sympathize with students in order to meet the needs or what they desire from their educator. That being said, I enjoy bettering myself in any way that I can to be more than a teacher to students, but a role model and leader that can have a positive impact on their lives.


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