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Laurence Kemball-Cook

Founder of Pavegen Systems, and has done 3 TED talks on renewable energy

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Pavegen Systems is a renewable energy organisation who have developed an innovative paving technology that converts the kinetic energy from human footfall to renewable electricity. That is, the slabs generate renewable energy every time someone walks over it. The power generated can be used to run low-voltage applications such as street-lighting, advertising displays and ticket machines.

The technology provides people with a visual form of renewable energy that they can directly and physically engage with. The slab is best used in high footfall locations such as train stations, sports stadia and shopping centres. Pavegen works best in urban settings where conventional renewable solutions such as solar and wind power are frequently not suitable sources of energy generation.

The idea of the technology and its design were the result of a research project investigating sustainable street lighting at Loughborough University by founder and CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook. The company was launched in 2009, and the product subsequently underwent full testing. With the technology and product fully proven, Pavegen Systems are now in its exciting stage of early commercialisation.


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