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M.Ganesh Sai    

Success Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author of 4 Books

  1. Ganesh Sai is pursuing engineering education currently. His articles have been featured in various newspapers including The Hindu. He has authored four books including Short Stories to Share Get Inspired (ISBN 9788175156340), Smartness Guide Success Tools for Students (ISBN: 978-81-75157-0-26), Skills for Your Career Success: Touch Your Tipping Point, and Success Sutras Lead Your Life Successfully. His areas of interest include Success, Motivation, Leadership, Career, and Personality Development. He can be reached at [email protected] and additionally maintains popular blog: http://mgshyd.wordpress.com.

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Book Review

“M. Ganesh Sai and M. Ramakrishna Sayee capture the timeless principles for leadership growth in Skills for Your Career Success: Touch Your Tipping Point. The authors provide a step-by-step process to aid anyone desiring leadership success.”
Orrin Woodward - 2011 IAB Leadership Award Winner

Have heard him speak through his eloquent writing.

“M.Ganesh Sai and M. Ramakrishna Sayee have written a delightful, instructive book: Skills for Your Career Success: Touch Your Tipping Point. They add the important, distinctive voice of the new, fully-digital generation. They bring the wisdom and experience of the ages to bear in a compelling life-work manual aimed especially toward the special challenges and opportunities of young people at the dawn of the new age of 21st century leadership.”

James Strock,

Author, Serve to Lead, Theodore Roosevelt on Leadership, Reagan on Leadership. website: www.servetolead.org

Book review

M Ganesh is young but has sees things as a wise man, his writings are worth reading and give a refreshing perspective

Book Revew

“The budding leaders M.Ganesh Sai and M.Ramakrishna Sayee’s Skills for Your Career Success: Touch Your Tipping Point. It provides a series of practical, proven, easy-to-apply ideas, and strategies that help you achieve the career of your choice and ensure your professional success.”
Lenny Laskowski, author of the book, “Painless Presentations – The Proven Stress-Free Way to Successful Public Speaking”

Book Review

“The inspiring young leadership authors M. Ganesh Sai and M. Ramakrishna Sayee’s book Skills for Your Career Success: Touch Your Tipping Point equips you with tools to achieve your career and leadership success. I strongly recommend reading this book.”

Terri Levine,

The Business Mentoring Expert, Bestselling Author of Stop Managing Start Coaching

From Canada

"Your most valuable assets are good health and time. You will invest more time in your career, than in any other one thing in your life. Make sure the career you select is something you like, or else it will stress you out and affect your health. In their 4th book titled, “Skills for Your Career Success: Touch Your Tipping Point” M.Ganesh Sai and M. Ramakrishna Sayee highlights students, their career success, professional growth, and personality development. It is a must read for all teenagers, and active learners.” –

Bob Urichuck, International Professional Speaker, Trainer and Author of

Up Your Bottom Line; Featuring the ABC's of the Velocity Selling System

And Disciplined For Life: You Are the Author of Your Future

Internationally Recognized Sales Guru - Ranked # 4 in World's Top 30, following Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Tom Hopkins.

Book review

Skills for Your Career Success: Touch Your Tipping Point,” by M.Ganesh Sai and M. Ramakrishna Sayee is designed to provide a practical, easy to follow and easy to implement road map to professional development, communications mastery and ultimately career success.

-Barry Maher, www.barrymaher.com, author of Filling the Glass: The Skeptic’s Guide to Positive Thinking in Business

“Professor M.S. Rao with his two sons, M.Ganesh Sai and M.Ramakrishna Sayee has done it again

“Professor M.S. Rao with his two sons, M.Ganesh Sai and M.Ramakrishna Sayee has done it again.

"Smartness Guide – Success Tools for Students" provides a great short course on achieving success.”
Lenny Laskowski,
International Professional Speaker

Book Review

It's extremely important for young people to learn the strategies of creating and maintaining success in the professional world.  "Smartness" helps define those strategies and gives students ideas and practices for developing themselves academically and professionally.  I wholeheartedly recommend this book (Smartness Guide: Success Tools for Students).
Patricia Wheeler, PhD
Global Executive Coach

Online Review

M. Ganesh is a passionate speaker finding his center of inspiration in the youth of India and helping them to greater hights

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