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Pete Forde is an acclaimed technologist, serial entrepreneur and open source community leader. Pete was an early proponent of Ruby on Rails and Ajax web techniques. In 2004 he founded Unspace Interactive as the first dedicated Rails team in the world, with over 100 clients including the United Nations, TheScore Sports Network and dozens of startups.

Pete's published articles and O'Reilly book contributions introduced or promoted ideas ranging from endless scrolling pages, live web datagrids, progressive enhancement and HTML data attributes. These concepts are now common interface patterns used by Facebook and Google, and helped to lay the groundwork for the current JavaScript MVP framework renaissance.

An avid traveler and occasional touring rock drummer, Pete is passionate about pinball and film photography.


DemoCamp, CUSEC, Unspace, TWG

Where many presenters simply convey interesting information, Pete has the rare ability to make you think. His passion for open data, software, the web, and anything else he's talking about is contagious. His personality really comes out in his presentations, and he's guaranteed to make you laugh.

democamp 27

Confident, relaxed and clearly passionate about open data.

robert mcmillan · Talent Soar
July 23, 2010. Toronto, Canada

Pete's an engaging, humorous, and thoughtful speaker, who offers a clear progression of ideas, and has great visuals to support his case. The result is an enjoyable and persuasive presentation. Highly recommended.

Dominic · The Working Group

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