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Robert Craven      

"The Entrepreneurship Guru" The Financial Times

'Good businesses focus on: - People and Teams - Marketing and what customers want - Strategy and Planning

All else is commentary' says Robert Craven.

Robert Craven works with the ambitious directors of fast-growing businesses who feel that they could be doing even better.

As a keynote speaker his style is challenging, honest and goading; free of business school hyperbole he makes his audience think. Robert is based in Bath and works throughout the UK and Europe.

Brief Profile Robert spent five years running training and consultancy programmes for entrepreneurial businesses at Warwick Business School. Running his own consultancy since 1998, he is now one of the UK's best-known and sought-after speakers on entrepreneurship.

'Textbook theories are inappropriate for growing businesses.'

He is not full of theoretical rhetoric; he offers practical solutions - tangible business results. Robert's work on marketing and strategy has been widely published and acted upon by thousands of growing businesses.

His four recent books Beating the Credit Crunch, Bright Marketing, Kick-Start Your Business and Customer is King, are all business best-sellers and have been described as 'truly inspirational' by The Independent.

'Chuck out the theory . and ask if staff get on with each other.'

Also, available for download from The Directors' Centre website - The Start-Up Essays which is a collection of Robert's essays, blogs and book chapters. A practical guide to help you start your business

Robert's track record at helping businesses is very impressive. Add to this his broad experience at board level and you will understand how and why he uniquely adds value to all the businesses that he works with.

'If you keep doing what you've always done you'll get the same results!'

Alongside his numerous speaking engagements, Robert also does consulting work for, and is personal mentor to the leaders of a number of growing businesses in the UK.

'Decide your goals and be prepared to pay the price.'

Robert runs The Directors' Centre, the award-winning management consultancy company.


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