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Expert on Personal Security, Author, "Healthcare Security"

THE LIFESAVER" is an expert on personal security. He is a sought after media personality, and a Professional Speaker on topics ranging from ID Theft to Workplace Violence. He has 18 years of security training in everything from white collar crimes to martial arts, personal bodyguarding, barroom bouncing and observing the human condition. He has been in over 100 physical confrontations. He is a 6 foot 200 pound Italian kid from Boston who has lived the contents of his fun, fascinating, and thought provoking presentation. Attend his program, give him an hour of your life and he will give you a lifetime of his. Millions of people have learned Robert's techniques through his seminars and media appearances from Howard Stern to Good Housekeeping magazine from Maury to Montel, from Sally to the NY Post.

He has been certified as an instructor of safety under the guidelines of the Massachusetts Board of Nursing to help save lives of healthcare workers. By training people to become winners, Siciliano has earned much critical praise, teaching workshops and giving seminars to people of all ages throughout the country on how to avoid and escape assaults. Siciliano is a member of the National Speakers Association, and most recently has added the title of author to his credits with his book, The Safety Minute: How to be safe in the streets, at home, and abroad so you can save your life! Siciliano's approach is to "take a minute for safety" by taking charge of our lives.

He teaches us that we have the ability to make lifesaving decisions under stress. Siciliano was motivated to enter the personal security field 18 years ago upon hearing from friends how they had been threatened or attacked by acquaintances, dates and strangers. Determined to reduce such assaults, Siciliano began to educate himself. Karate and kickboxing were the beginning of his efforts to learn how to protect and defend oneself. Siciliano is also an expert in a self-defense program in which the student is confronted with simulated real-life attack situations using a technique called "adrenal-stress training." Robert lives in Boston and rides an 87 Harley Davidson Low Rider.


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Speech Topics

Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness

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Computer Security Awareness

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Social Media Security and Awareness

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Personal Security Awareness

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Travel Security Awareness

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Workplace Violence Security Awareness

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