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Russ Peak is a one-of-a-kind presenter who packages an award-winning entertainer, a powerful motivational speaker.

Russ Peak is a one-of-a-kind presenter who packages an award-winning entertainer, a powerful motivational speaker, and one of the nation's leading mentalists or "thought-readers" into one powerful keynote experience!

He does this with an interactive performance of extraordinary mental feats, incredible demonstrations of hypnosis, and a high-energy motivational message that is all blended together with a side-splitting dose of comedy!

Russ Peak is an Award-Winning Member of the Society of American Magicians and Hollywood's Magic Castle.

However, Russ is not a magician - nor is he psychic . He uses mental acuity, non-verbal communication, subconscious influence, applied psychology, and hypnotic suggestion to present the illusion of mind reading, extra-sensory perception, precognition, clairvoyance and mind control. This is entertainment that your audience is going to LOVE!

For over a decade, Russ has performed this dynamic mix of 'magic of the mind' over two-hundred times each year for a variety of audiences. He has been featured nationwide at both corporate and campus events, by cruise ships and resorts, conventions and conferences, theme parks and fairs, on television, and by corporate giants including IBM, Compaq, AT&T, Intel, Yahoo, Hewlett- Packard, and Disney.

He has used his outstanding talents to entertain audiences and enhance his motivational presentations making him one of the most sought after keynote speakers in the fields of motivation, teamwork and leadership. His keynote programs have changed the lives of over two-million people in all 50 states. To this effect, the National Speakers Association (NSA) recently acknowledged Russ' commitment to excellence on the platform by honoring him with the Certified Speaking Professional Designation (CSP), a recognition bestowed upon less than 8 % of the thousands of professional speakers worldwide and even less than a fraction of a percent of entertainers.

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! *Russ Peak's most requested keynote.

Russ Peak walks on stage like any other speaker. Yet he carries with him a few simple items:





Then, right from the start, he proceeds to capture the imaginations of the whole audience as they realize Russ is going to lead them through an interactive and mind-boggling experience that they will never forget!


When Russ Peak takes the stage, it's not just a performance -- it's a mind- blowing presentation of the "IMPOSSIBLE".

• Unspoken thoughts are revealed from the minds of spectators

• The outcome of impossible situations are correctly predicted

• Unseen designs are drawn and duplicated

• Borrowed objects are used in ways that can only be explained as unbelievable!

Yet Russ clearly explains to the audience that he is not psychic, nor does he possess ESP, or any other supernatural power.

He uses his demonstrations of seemingly extraordinary powers to captivate, entertain, inspire, and teach that:


Russ explains: "I don't have ESP or psychic powers. No supernatural force told me what to write. That prediction came true because I decided what I wanted to happen in this room today and MADE it happen. You can go through life trying to predict the future... hoping and guessing what might happen tomorrow. Or you can decide what you want, go after it, and INVENT THE FUTURE!"

YOUR AUDIENCE WILL: Be inspired, motivated, and challenged to reach inside themselves to find their own goals and desires.

They can expect to learn...

  1. The techniques and discipline used to accomplish any feat is within your grasp! A road to success cannot begin until you define your goals, push beyond what we thought was impossible, and establish the path to victory.

  2. Life is not about what happens to you, but instead how you react to it! Each morning you make a personal choice to have a good day... or bad. ATTITUDE IS A CHOICE. It affects your work, your relationships, and possibly your paycheck.

  3. How to bring out the magic in people. Russ shares three easy steps that will bring out the best in your employees your peers, your clients, and yourself.

The ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE keynote is a truly transformational presentation that has changed the lives of over two-million people nation- wide. Your audience will be both entertained and motivated as they learn real- life goal setting skills in a one-of-a-kind presentation that is filled with humor, 'magic of the mind', and an incredible high-energy message that is guaranteed to take their minds and actions from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

OTHER TOPICS INCLUDE: Customer Service/Client Relations, Bridging The Gap To Your Young Employees, & A "JUST FOR FUN' Comedy Hypnosis Show that's full of laughs and ALWAYS 100% CLEAN - Guaranteed!


Russ Peak's client list reads like a Who's Who of the Fortune 500. He works with groups who expect only the highest in entertainment and presentation quality. Plus, he's a favorite among company event directors, speakers bureaus, and meeting planners alike. Every one of Russ Peak's presentations are guaranteed to be high-energy, full of audience participation, packed with laughs, and always 100% clean! So whether he is speaking at your next corporate banquet, or representing your company and product at the upcoming BIG convention, Russ Peak will provide a professional and mind-blowing performance that is guaranteed to transform your event into a memorable and inspirational experience!

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