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Business Etiquette Expert and Founder of "Etiquette", the first Etiquette Academy in Italy since 2001

Simona Artanidi is an international etiquette expert and founder of the "Etiquette Academy of Italy". She has helped - with great passion and talent - a lot of people learn to be more confident and mannered in business and social situations.

She's a journalist and publisher of "Etiquette", the first italian magazine about Social and Business Etiquette, hospitality, art of welcoming guests, made in Italy and good living. She has been also the leader of "Business Etiquette", an innovative editorial start-up for managers. As a journalist she was awarded with "the Golden Cypraea" as the best journalist of the year.

Simona has been featured or quoted in several magazines and newspapers including Panorama, Style, Corriere della Sera, Quotidiano Nazionale, Venerdì di Repubblica, The Italian Tribune, Flair, Famiglia Cristiana, Grazia.

Simona is the author of "Galateo del Business" (maggio 2013 Bruno Editore), a practical ebook in italian (also available on audiobook and videobook) about the New Italian Business Etiquette.

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