Tait Martin

Behavioral researcher who teaches audiences “how to get people to do stuff.”

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Dr. Tait Martin is beginning his eighteenth year as a social marketing, research and communication professional. He spends the majority of his time presenting speeches, trainings and strategic counsel to clients ranging from international corporations and government agencies to local nonprofits and college student organizations.

An Emmy , Silver Anvil, Telly and Addy award winner, Tait is currently the President and CEO of The iNSiGHT Cooperative, a national network of researchers and content professionals who help organizations better define the way they reach the people who matter to them. In addition, Tait is an Affiliate Professor of Social Marketing and Research in the Department of Family and Community Health at the University of South Florida and he is on faculty at the Florida Prevention Research Center. Currently, he serves on the Data Standards and Transparency Steering Committee of the Agency for Healthcare Administration for the State of Florida.

Tait is sought after by many organizations to develop strategies which encourage people to think, feel and act in ways that generally make the world a better place. He is a speaker for CAMPUSPEAK, the nations premier agency for college speakers, as well as a popular fixture at corporate and organizational events where he teaches people the importance of insight and how to get people to do stuff.

Taits career experience includes stints as vice president and director of research for a national social marketing and advertising agency; the communication director for one of the largest United Way organizations in the South; spokesperson for a major state government agency in Florida; marketing consultant to several industry and professional organizations; faculty member at four top-tier higher education institutions; and morning radio talk show host.

Widely cited in both academic and applied research circles, Tait holds a Ph.D. in Communication Theory and Research (emphasis in persuasion and cognitive processing) from Florida State University, as well as a Masters in Organizational and Interpersonal Communication from the University of Louisiana. His undergraduate degree is in journalism, with a concentration in public relations, from Northwestern State University.

Tait is from Cut Off, Louisiana...yes, it's a real place.


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