Tara Hunt

Author, "The Whuffie Factor"

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Tara Hunt is a true pioneer in online marketing and one of the most respected authorities on online communities — how they are evolving, how they are changing both culture and business, and how businesses must behave in order to succeed in the participatory web economy.

Tara was named one of 2013's Entrepreneurial Women to Watch by Entrepreneur magazine. Fast Company named her one of the Most Influential Women in Technology in 2009.

She is one of the most respected and cited thought leaders in community marketing — how to delight and enchant the people in the communities your company serves with products, experiences and communications that honor the expectations of online customer communities.

Community marketing is not about pushing messages or creating strong brands, but building relationships and engaging communities. Tara is an expert in using the tools and the opportunities of the participatory web to succeed by building social capital — that is, whuffie. Tara describes this approach in her book The Whuffie Factor: Using the Power of Social Networks to Build Your Business.

Today’s brands aren’t built in boardrooms or ad agencies or brainstorming sessions. Today, brands are built by communities. People choose what should be supported, spread and how it should be talked about. It is the marketing manager’s job now to understand and support them in their choices. A good marketer today is a Community Advocate.

As online communities become stronger and stronger sources of consumer information, your sales will be driven on how well you are received in those communities. Tara's approach teaches companies how to properly inhabit these community spaces as welcome, even invited participants in a dialog, rather than as invaders or manipulators with their own message.

Tara Hunt was instrumental in making BarCamp, an international network of user-generated conferences, a worldwide phenomenon. She also is an active promoter of the Coworking movement, in which independent workers share workspace. She speaks frequently at conferences around the world, including Mesh, the Future of Web Apps, ETech and Web 2.0 Expo.


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