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Small Business & Entrepreneur Marketing Speaker

Tara Jacobsen is a sales and marketing speaker that you will not forget. She brings with her a true, hands on marketing focus, and yet energizes a room with full on content and audience participation.

Tara is a sought after marketing presenter known for her tell it like it is style and giving 100 miles-an-hour presentations that will keep your audience engaged and taking notes the entire time. Tara is not just talking about marketing ideas from years past, she is actively working with small business, Realtor and entrepreneur clients on a day-to-day basis, implementing the latest cutting edge marketing concepts that work today. Tara will give your audience concrete strategies that they can start implementing immediately!

Unlike other keynote speakers, Tara has the experience to back what she speaks about and is NOT focused on talking with Fortune 500 companies. Tara works with small business owners who need practical solutions that can be implemented without multi-million dollar advertising budgets or a huge staff of employees. Her entrepreneur and Realtor marketing focused website ranks on page 1 of Google for both of those terms, showing her dedication to the small business owner!

Tara is the founder of Marketing Artfully, a ten year old company that creates cutting edge marketing strategies for small businesses. Tara's primary responsibilities are speaking with small business and Realtor groups, conducting workshop trainings and consulting with clients. With a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and 10+ years of in-the-trenches marketing experience, Tara's background prepared her for helping small business owners grow their market share and profitability with real life marketing ideas and lead generating tips.

Small Business Marketing Speaker

When you are looking for a speaker for your business event, Tara brings an energy and enthusiasm that is rarely matched. Some of the small business marketing topics she covers are:

Is Your Blog Open For Business
Social Media for Small Business
Lead Generation For Small Business
Marketing Focus and Goal Setting

"Your sense of humor grabbed everyone and your use of everyones name made a strong connection (even with Phil) and you told it like it is. Very refreshing." Christine Metzger Upscale Plus Consignment, Wheat Ridge CO

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In Florida and heard her periodically throughout the last few months:)

I truly believe that no one knows more about marketing than Tara Jacobsen! She IS AN EXPERT! She should be preaching 'dial 1-800-Ask-Tara!! ;)

October, 2009, social media starter course

Tara was EXTREMELY informative. She took the time to explain how ecah piece of the puzzle fit together to create a social media campaign rather than a shotgun approach.

Social Media Class 2009

Tara has such passion for what she does! She draws you in with her enthusiasm that you can't help but leave any training session with a renewed outlook on your business! She spends time speaking one on one with you before and after training sessions which leaves you feeling truly 'cared for' in her sessions! If you haven't been to see her speak, put it on the top of your TO DO list!

Carbon Valley Community Expo 5/13/2011

Tara Jacobsen is a dynamic speaker and the owner of marketing artfully! With her many years of experience in the marketing arena, Tara presents a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure that you learn what you need to. Her engaging personality makes you feel comfortable while she finds ways of tailoring her marketing techniques to you specifically. Any opportunity that you have to hear Tara speak, should NOT be missed!

I have watched your Social Networking Videos many times on line at your membership site..

Tara has such practical knowledge on marketing, she always has the best tips and ideas to improve your business.

I attend as many classes that Tara teaches as possible

Tara is such a dynamic speaker and trainer because she is real. she does not sugar coat her topics she delivers then straight, in easy to understand format and works diligently to empower her class. I attend many classes on social marketing and Tara is the one who makes the most sense.

EARLY CAREER - FLORIDA - 2001 to 2004

I have had the privileged of watching Tara Shiffer / Jacobsen acquire the knowledge for her current career with the same enthusiasm in which she hones her speaking skills. Her first speaking engagements were the grounds for her understanding some basic principles. She is never a person to waste your time; she understands the gift she's been given of your attention and returns it in kind. This is ultimately the true test of a great teacher; and, above all, this is what she is.

I've had the pleasure of hearing Tara speak many times throughout Tampa Bay.

Tara's presentations are always jam-packed with great 'take-away' information. She's brilliant in that she'll take a topic that I've heard presented many times before but she's always brings a fresh perspective or solution to the table. Best yet, she's a very engaging, relaxed, down-to-earth presenter with a splash of humor. An opportunity to hear her live should not be missed!

2010- Web business Meetup group, 2 times

I enjoyed your energy, your humor and your ability to make online marketing 'do-able' for even geeks like me!

About Every Other Month

Tara's presentations are packed with the latest tips. Even better they work! ... and are usually free. She focuses on delivering the most and best of an ever changing world. I hang on every word she offers and cannot wait for the next opportunity to learn from her. All content, no sales!

Several times on Florida's Gulf coast

Great info and very real - when you speak it's like having a conversation vs someone just talking AT you. Always great content that I can run back and implement immediately. Not to mention just being an all around nice person!

Several times -- every chance I get

First of all, you are passionate about your subject. That makes any talk compelling. Second, you know your stuff and you pack your talks with content, content, content. And, third, you are entertaining! You are one of the few speakers who have a natural style and you are able to connect instantly with your audience -- very warm.

April 2011 3 Squares & 100 Marketing Ideas

Very straight forward. Not any fluff. Just good, valuable information and a plan to implement.

Florida marketing and Realtor event 2010

Tara does a terrific job of presenting and delivers her content in an easy to understand format especially for those who like myself at the time was a novice. I continually look forward to her presentations and information she has to share.
Dave Negri
Elite Home & Property Services

The Ranch Networking Group

I always enjoy hearing Tara speak, but at this talk she was speaking on 100 Free ways of marketing and it was amazing she gave us way more than 100 ways and really some good things that can really increase my business.

All over Denver Metro

Tara can do it all, she is the real deal.

I love the 100 free marketing ideas, the way she can speak to any size of group and how she can talk ito anyone experts to begainers. Tara is hans down the best!!!

I heard Tara speak last fall.

Not only did our group like her talk, which was full of positive and informative passion and energy; One of our group organized a half-day workshop with Tara! It was full to overflowing before we knew it! We even had to turn people away just because there wasn't enough room! Tara is a great person with a ton of knowledge and information! Not only would I see her again-I am trying to book her right now!

Business Honoring Spirituality

Tara is a dynamic speaker who has a wonderful talent for bringing technical material into a dynamic and entertaining experience

Florida 2008-2011. Many marketing and Realtor marketing events

Tara is an informative, creative speaker who always comes prepared for every event. Her content is always jammed packed with relevant information and her professional,straight shooting approach is very well received. She has the ability to keep control of her audience by having them interact and engage in the process. She has a great sense of humor and leaves the audience feeling that the event was more than worth their time!

April 2011 - 3 Squares Marketing

Tara's "no holds barred, straight up" approach was not only informative and inspiring, it was the key to a highly informative and interactive seminar. Definitely a true expert with a keen ability to connect and communicate with her audience.

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