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For more than three decades, The Beach Boys have been riding the crest of a wave unequaled in America’s musical history. The phenomenal popularity of The Beach Boys is unique to the music industry, as their audience ranges in age from six to sixty. Their earlier music takes us back to a time when our most serious concerns were waiting for the perfect wave, finding the date of our dreams and getting the keys to our parent’s car to go “cruisin’.” Their more recent music reflects a contemporary sensitivity and concern about the environment.

With the 1996 release of the Stars & Stripes album, The Beach Boys saluted the immense influence of country music in America. The River North Record featured artists from Lorrie Morgan to Willie Nelson performing country versions of The Beach Boys classics. In 1998, several new releases emerged including: Symphonic Sounds: Music of the Beach Boys, produced by Bruce Johnston for Intersound Records; Imagination, released by Brian Wilson on Giant Records; and founding member Al Jardine is working on producing The Jardines with his two sons for the Manatee Foundation, and has also put together three new tracks for the Capitol’s release of the Ultimate Christmas Album.

The Beach Boys concert performance features an energetic hour and forty-five minutes of over thirty hit songs. They keep a performance schedule that musicians half their age would find grueling, touring five to six months out of the year and often playing two shows in one day – in two different states. An example of this unique schedule was on July 4, 1985 when The Beach Boys played to an afternoon crowd of an estimated one million in Philadelphia. The same evening they performed for over 750,000 on the Washington Monument Grounds in the nation’s capitol.

The band was originally formed in 1961 by brothers Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson, their cousin Mike Love and friend Al Jardine. The sense of family has been an important part of The Beach Boys’ lives throughout the years, as their wives and many of their children and the late Wilson mother, Audree, have accompanied them on tour.

The Beach Boys have been involved in numerous milestones in concert history including the Live Aid Concert, Farm Aid concerts, the Statue of Liberty’s 100 Anniversary Salute, as well as performances at the Superbowl, The White House and Presidential Inaugurations.

Rolling Stone magazine said of The Beach Boys: “Alone among American rock groups, their ingenuity has sustained them, at times shaping, at times ignoring the whims of passing fancy.” In 1988 at the American Music Awards, The Beach Boys were presented with the Special Award of Merit, and that same year the band was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Many years have passed since those early days when The Beach Boys were growing up on the beaches of Southern California. Like all of us, The Beach Boys have grown up, yet while attending one of their concerts or listening to one of their numerous albums, you will find yourself in a time of youthful innocence and fun – for their music is eternal.


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