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Microfinance & Fundraising Leader; U.N. Woman Of The World; Leadership & Personal Development Expert; Founder Of Shine On Sierra Leone

Currently celebrating Shine on Sierra Leone's fifth anniversary, Tiffany's commitment to empowering the communities of Sierra Leone through innovative initiatives and cultural partnerships is stronger than ever. With the success of each of SOSL's six programs, Tiffany's essential philosophy that "We are all meant to shine, thrive, evolve" is ever present. A frequent speaker and moderator on the subject of philanthropy and human connection, Tiffany has also honored by the U.N. as a Woman Of The World and featured in diverse media outlets including Elle, Vibe, Emirates Woman, and

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Speech Topics

The Inheritance of Power: How You Think Is Your Richest Asset

When most of us think of the term inheritance, we think of great financial wealth and what we are born into. As the founder of Shine On Sierra Leone, Tiffany Persons implemented the use of "limitless thinking," a phrase she authored, to cultivate the richest asset of all for SOSL's education and literacy programs: the belief that how we choose to think fully reflects through our actions. By working with the lowest ranked school in the country and thoroughly immersing students in "limitless thinking," the Muddy Lotus school is now ranked #3 out of 736 schools in the Kono region, by the National Primary School Examination, in just five years. With her extensive expertise of overseeing six impactful programs through out Sierra Leone, Tiffany discusses the game-changing power of creating the most accountable and honest version of ourselves and passing that on to our communities and future generations to inherit.

Scaling Inward: The Right Size For Doing Right By Yourself and Your Organization

We are taught culturally and in business that bigger is always better. But as many of us who face expansion come to learn, it can also have a serious negative consequence: a significant decline in quality interaction and interpersonal relationships. What if instead of expanding in size and output, we choose to expand in the social and emotional support systems of our organizations? Would that alternative route produce a more satisfying and positive impact? While celebrating the five-year anniversary of SOSL, Tiffany Persons realized that while her organization was quickly growing and creating significant improvements in the region, many involved were experiencing a loss in the quality of community relationships and overall connection. Based on her philosophy that we are all here to shine, thrive, and evolve.

The Most Charitable Cause is Yourself

It's human nature to want to help someone less fortunate than yourself. But can you truly support the process of improving the quality of life for any other human citizen if you are unable to successfully take care of yourself? In the past six years, Shine On Sierra Leone has raised 1.5 million dollars. This incredible achievement is a result of Tiffany Persons changing the way she navigated her own personal financial behaviors and perspective. By sharing her honest journey of realizing that being financially accountable and proactive is the foundation of sustainable success, Tiffany will discuss how the most charitable cause to begin with is yourself.


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