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Professor of Economics, George Mason University; Bestselling Author of "The Great Stagnation"

Tyler Cowen shows the economic, financial, and demographic forces, which will determine the winners and losers of the next decade in fields as different as healthcare, education, energy, and global markets. He offers compelling analyses of the future of the Eurozone, Medicare and Medicaid, the American financial system, and many more, demonstrating in every case who will come out on top and why.

Tyler's predictions flow from the vision laid out in his bestselling book "The Great Stagnation: How America Ate All the Low-Hanging Fruit of Modern History, Got Sick, and Will (Eventually) Feel Better." The sources of our past growth were easy pickings like cheap land and boosts in education. Now that we've exhausted these, we face a tough playing field where some countries, regions, and industries will push themselves to the top through discipline and innovation, while others fade away. The gap between the highly successful and the deeply unsuccessful will only continue to widen.

This widening gap between rich and poor is further developed in Tyler's new book, "Average Is Over." Around three quarters of U.S. jobs created since the Great Recession pay barely above minimum wage; at the same time, the U.S. has the most millionaires and billionaires of any country and continues to mint more. How can this be? Tyler explains how the rise of data analysis and technological tools has made the specialists rich and left the uneducated in the dust. But, having diagnosed the problem, he points the way towards recovery, offering actionable advice to workers and entrepreneurs who want to make the most of this new environment. As always, Tyler's vision is striking and controversial, but non-partisan -- and key to understanding the century ahead.

Tyler Cowen is the Holbert C. Harris Professor of Economics at George Mason University. Foreign Policy named him one of 2011's Top 100 Global Thinkers, and a survey by The Economist placed him among the most influential economists of the decade. He is a regular contributor to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and others. His blog, Marginal Revolution, was named the best economics blog on the web by The Wall Street Journal and is one of TIME's 25 Best Bloggers, 2013 Edition. Tyler's other books include "Discover Your Inner Economist," a treatment of behavioral economics, and "An Economist Gets Lunch: New Rules for Everyday Foodies."

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The Great Stagnation


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