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William "Bill" Buppert  

Observer and Commentator on the Impending Demise of These United States

Bill Buppert is a retired US Army officer living in the high desert of the American Southwest with his wife and home-schooled family. He has been a writer for a number of publications to include www.lewrockwell.com. He is particularly interested in the issues of liberty, survival, shooting and history. He has made a number of appearances including debating Dr. Daniel Walker Howe at the July 2010 Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, NV on the superiority of the Articles of Confederation versus the Constitution.

He is the editor and publisher of http://hezekiahwyman.com/.

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Sierra Vista, Phoenix

Bill Buppert is able to present the information in a concise manner that begs the listeners attention, and grabs them by the scruff of the neck until they do. His ability to regal the listener while giving a factual presentation is well thought of by many including myself.

Freedom Summit, Phoenix, November 2010

Bill possesses a colorful vocabulary and employs it engagingly.

I cannot speak to the efficacy of his arguments, as we seem to be of a mind, but he displays impressive poise in the face of difficulties (he was stricken with laryngitis at the Freedom Summit and still gave good account of himself, for instance).

He also seems to deliver his thoughts in a more organized fashion than many of the libertarian speakers I've heard, which helps get his point across.

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