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Ben_casnocha%2dhigh_res Ben Casnocha / San Francisco, CA, USA
Entrepreneur & Expert on the Future of Work
Daniel_quach Daniel Quach / California, USA
Co-founder of Howcookingworks
525245_10151545960140829_984765218_n Andy Katz-Mayfield & Jeff Raider- HARRYS / New York, NY, USA
Andy Katz-Mayfield (left) and Jeff Raider have launched shaving startup Harry’s.
Dcrumby_1376674974_65 Dave Crumby / Denver, CO, USA
Founder of
Kelsey_20falter_poptip_0 Kelsey Falter
Founder of the Start-Up Poptip; Featured in Forbes 30 Under 30
4858487193_602499eef9_m Chris Wanstrath / San Francisco, CA, USA
CEO and Founder, GitHub
August_founder Jason Johnson / San Francisco, CA, USA
Founder of August
Dorian_howard Dorian Howard / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Co-Founder and CEO of Milk & Honey; Former Vice-President of Production for Paramount Pictures; Former Creative Executive For New Line Ci...
Audrey_speaking_at_qualcomm__1_ Audrey Jacobs / San Diego, CA, USA
OurCrowd VP of Americas. Crowdfunding Diva
Corpnet%2dnellieakalp%2d2012%2dhighres%2d1 Nellie Akalp / Westlake Village, CA, USA
Successful serial entrepreneur, legal startup expert and mom of four
Eric%2dries Eric Ries / San Francisco, CA, USA
Entrepreneur and Author of "The Lean Startup" 
Lisa_mininni_2010%2d10%2d04_14%2d31%2d11 Lisa Mininni / Michigan, USA
The Secrets to Navigating Change and President of Excellerate Associates, home of The Entrepreneurial Edge SystemTM.
Tammy_camp_2010%2d12%2d18_17%2d29%2d29 Tammy Camp / San Francisco, CA, USA
Entrepreneur, Technology Evangelist and World Record Kiteboarder
Daniel%2dscott%2dheadshot%2dby%2damy%2dmartz%2dcreative%2d130912_0283 Daniel James Scott / St Petersburg, FL, USA
Daniel James Scott is a noted entrepreneurship expert and speaker, with a nationally-distributed book and globally-referenced blog.
Foundingmom_2012%2d03%2d18_20%2d58%2d05 Jill Salzman
Author of "Found It," Dynamic Speaker, and I'll Help You Shake Your Money Maker
Rand%2dfishkin Rand Fishkin / Seattle, WA, USA
CEO, Moz; Co-Founder,; Author, "Art of SEO"
0021%2de1307666846216 Jess Lee / California, USA
Co-Founder, Polyvore
35_jack_choi Jack Choi / San Jose, CA, USA
CEO of Anatomage, a company specializing on 3D medical technology
0930_palantir_630x420 Alex Karp
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Palantir Technologies
126971v2%2dmax%2d250x250 Jessica Scorpio / San Francisco, CA, USA
Jessica Scorpio is a founder and Director of Marketing at Getaround, a peer-to-peer carsharing company.


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