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Kevin_freiberg Dr. Kevin Freiberg / San Diego, CA, USA
Best-Selling Author, Business Best-Practice Expert on Leadership, Innovation, Accountability and Change
Maddy%2ddychtwald Maddy Dychtwald / San Francisco, CA, USA
Expert on Lifestyle Trends and Author
Hamel2 Gary Hamel / California, USA
Strategic Innovation Expert and Author, "The Future of Management"
Jim_carroll_2011%2d03%2d21_16%2d01%2d32 Jim Carroll / Toronto, ON, Canada
Leading International Futurist and Trends / Innovation Expert
Jim_belasco Jim Belasco / San Diego, CA, USA
Business Leadership Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Dynamic Speaker
Billy Bill Glynn / Georgia, USA
Bill Glynn (Billy G.) is considered one of America's leading catalysts. In January 2001 Information Week, a widely read technology public...
Garry_kasparov_2010%2d05%2d08_14%2d10%2d29 Garry Kasparov / New York, NY, USA
World Champion Chess Expert and Strategist
Jackie_freiberg Dr. Jackie Freiberg / San Diego, CA, USA
Best-selling Business Author; Recognized as one of the Top 30 Thought Leaders by Leadership Excellence Magazine
220px%2dsubirchowdhury Subir Chowdhury / Michigan, USA
Subir Chowdhury is one of the world's leading authorities in quality strategy.
Doug%2dlipp_speaker Doug Lipp / Sacramento, CA, USA
Former Head of Training, Walt Disney University and Best-Selling Author
Sung_won_sohn_2010%2d05%2d08_18%2d12%2d43 Sung Won Sohn / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Businessman and Economist
Ram_charan_2010%2d07%2d23_15%2d53%2d38 Ram Charan / Texas, USA
World-Renowned Business Advisor, Execution Expert and Best-selling Author
Michael_gelb_2011%2d05%2d19_13%2d12%2d00 Michael Gelb / *New Mexico
Innovation and Creativity Expert and Author of "How To Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci"
Curt_coffman_2010%2d05%2d07_18%2d42%2d40 Curt Coffman / Denver, CO, USA
Workplace Consultant and Co-Author of First Break All the Rules
Roger_dawson_2010%2d05%2d07_18%2d46%2d38 Roger Dawson / California, USA
America's Premier Business Negotiator
Dhge%2dddh_2011 David Hale / Chicago, IL, USA
Global Economist
Jason_jennings_2010%2d05%2d07_19%2d19%2d57 Jason Jennings / San Francisco, CA, USA
Bestselling author; media consultant who revolutionized the broadcasting industry
Roch%2dparayre_2011%2d08%2d09_14%2d23%2d23 Roch Parayre / Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Roch Parayre is Managing Director and a scenario planning expert with Decision Strategies International Inc. He teaches executives a...
Stan%2dslap Stan Slap
Corporate Strategist and Consultant
Fons%2dabout Fons Trompenaars / Massachusetts, USA
Fons Trompenaars has been the Managing Director of the Centre for International Business Studies since 1989.


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