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482 Bernie McGrenahan
Stand-up comedian with a message of responsible alcohol consumption
Nora_2bvolkow Nora D. Volkow
Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health
Images Dennis Marcellino / Oregon, USA
Author of Six Books, Media Personality and Former Member of Sly & The Family Stone; Speaker on Substance Abuse
Jimmywayne Jimmy Wayne / Nashville, TN, USA
Country Music Artist; Founder, Meet Me Halfway Campaign
Tor_thumbnail_12 Toren Volkmann
Advocate for alcohol awareness issues, reducing stigmas of addiction, and addressing the need for more recovery
Steve%2dford Steve Ford / California, USA
Professional speaker, successful actor & son of former President Gerald Ford & Betty Ford; Speaker on Leadership, Character, Substance Abuse
Billirwin_tonys2006 Bill Irwin / Maine, USA
A mans amazing story that will change your life forever!
Ed%2dbegley%2djr_2011%2d07%2d08_20%2d25%2d57 Ed Begley Jr. / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Emmy Nominated Actor, Television Host, Environmental Activist
Thumbnail_1 Therese J. Borchard / Baltimore, MD, USA
Best-Selling Author & Blogger; Author of the hit daily blog “Beyond Blue,” one of the top 10 depression blogs
Parlormobcasting090%2d300x200 Carissa Phelps / California, USA
Former child trafficking victim, Carissa is now a successful lawyer and founder of Runaway Girl, a California Flexible Purpose Corporatio...
Yury_fedotov Yury Fedotov
Director-General and Executive Director, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Vienna
Mary%2dj%2dblige Mary J. Blige
Award-Winning Singer and Queen of Hip-Hop Soul; "Be Without You"
Melissa_moore Melissa Moore / California, USA
Best Selling Author of "Shattered Silence," Speaker on Domestic Violence
Hansen_chris_2005 Chris Hansen / New York, NY, USA
Host of NBC's "To Catch a Predator"
John_20larroquette_20headshot_202 John Larroquette
Emmy Award-winning actor best known for his role as Dan Fielding on "Night Court"
Wiley%2dnaim_moises Moises Naim / Massachusetts, USA
Moises Naim is the Editor of the influential magazine Foreign Policy, published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
Jaime_king Jaime King / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Actress and Model; "Hart of Dixie" and "Sin City"
Rob_20wainwright Rob Wainwright
Director, Europol (European Police), The Hague
Jodie%2dsweetin Jodie Sweetin / Los Angeles, CA, USA
Actress, best known as "Stephanie Tanner" on the sitcom Full House; Speaker on Substance Abuse
1387080415carter_5b1_5d Cris Carter / Florida, USA
ESPN Analyst, Former NFL Star Receiver and Pro Football Hall of Famer


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