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James_norris_2011%2d06%2d14_04%2d57%2d19 James Norris / Westminster, London, UK
Social Media & Digital specialist focusing on the music, arts & youth sectors
Michael%2dhorton_1 Michael Horton
Dr. Horton has taught apologetics and theology at Westminster Seminary California since 1998.
Godfrey%2d442x318 W. Robert Godfrey
Dr. Godfrey has taught church history at Westminster Seminary California since 1981
Phil%2dpearl_2011%2d11%2d28_21%2d59%2d59 Phil Pearl / Westminster, London, UK
Mental Toughness: Coaching for life and work
Carin_king_2011%2d05%2d15_17%2d56%2d52 Carin King / Westminster, London, UK
Teacher & 'Style-Therapist', introducing the 2-minute-rule to improve your life.
Albert%2dwright_2011%2d07%2d03_08%2d02%2d45 Albert Wright / Westminster, London, UK
Business Questioner and Profit Improver
Philip_collins_2011%2d04%2d15_13%2d21%2d10 Philip Collins / Westminster, London, UK
Let Tony Blair’s speech-writer improve your communication skills
Colingautrey_2011%2d07%2d25_14%2d44%2d41 Colin Gautrey / Westminster, London, UK
Power and Influence in Complex Organizations
Neil%2dbakewell_2011%2d07%2d07_13%2d44%2d49 Neil Bakewell / Westminster, City of Westminster, London SW1A, UK
"The Big Change Guy"
Gavin_20black Gavin Black
The Director of the Princeton Early Keyboard Center is organist and harpsichordist Gavin Black
Jonty%2dolliff%2dcooper%2d2302 Jonty Olliff-Cooper
Visiting Fellow,The Young Foundation
Images Scotty Smith
Scotty Smith graduated in 1972 from the University of North Carolina with a B.A. in Religion and received an M.A. in New Testament Studie...
James_woudhuysen_2010%2d05%2d08_18%2d16%2d50 James Woudhuysen / Westminster, London, UK
James Woudhuysen, 55, is a physics graduate and Professor of Forecasting and Innovation at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.
Inc_0kujgle4stagobgblaa9imu8dg0ibyagjsxgxtgw Nicholas Sagovsky
Canon Theologian, Westminster Abbey
Ben_saundersjuly10_2no%2dsnow Ben Saunders / Westminster, London, UK
Expedition Leader
Marc_lewis_2011%2d03%2d23_11%2d09%2d24 Marc Lewis / Westminster, London, UK
Ideas galore from an innovation master
Sarah_ferguson_the_duchess_of_york_2010%2d06%2d10_23%2d05%2d08 Sarah Ferguson / Westminster, London, UK
Philanthropist, Author and Advocate
Guy_tasting_%2d_compressed Guy Boursot / The Burghers of Calais Monument, City of Westminster, London SW1P, UK
Edgar William Edgar
Edgar is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, and has served on several denominational committees.
Quentin_willson_2011%2d05%2d04_06%2d42%2d50 Quentin Willson / Westminster, London, UK
Former Top Gear Presenter, Motoring Aficionado, TV Presenter and Author


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