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James_norris_2011%2d06%2d14_04%2d57%2d19 James Norris / Westminster, London, UK
Social Media & Digital specialist focusing on the music, arts & youth sectors
Michael%2dhorton_1 Michael Horton
Dr. Horton has taught apologetics and theology at Westminster Seminary California since 1998.
Godfrey%2d442x318 W. Robert Godfrey
Dr. Godfrey has taught church history at Westminster Seminary California since 1981
Phil%2dpearl_2011%2d11%2d28_21%2d59%2d59 Phil Pearl / Westminster, London, UK
Mental Toughness: Coaching for life and work
Carin_king_2011%2d05%2d15_17%2d56%2d52 Carin King / Westminster, London, UK
Teacher & 'Style-Therapist', introducing the 2-minute-rule to improve your life.
Philip_collins_2011%2d04%2d15_13%2d21%2d10 Philip Collins / Westminster, London, UK
Let Tony Blair’s speech-writer improve your communication skills
Colingautrey_2011%2d07%2d25_14%2d44%2d41 Colin Gautrey / Westminster, London, UK
Power and Influence in Complex Organizations
Gavin_20black Gavin Black
The Director of the Princeton Early Keyboard Center is organist and harpsichordist Gavin Black
Neil%2dbakewell_2011%2d07%2d07_13%2d44%2d49 Neil Bakewell / Westminster, City of Westminster, London SW1A, UK
"The Big Change Guy"
Images Scotty Smith
Scotty Smith graduated in 1972 from the University of North Carolina with a B.A. in Religion and received an M.A. in New Testament Studie...
James_woudhuysen_2010%2d05%2d08_18%2d16%2d50 James Woudhuysen / Westminster, London, UK
James Woudhuysen, 55, is a physics graduate and Professor of Forecasting and Innovation at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.
Marc_lewis_2011%2d03%2d23_11%2d09%2d24 Marc Lewis / Westminster, London, UK
Ideas galore from an innovation master
Guy_tasting_%2d_compressed Guy Boursot / The Burghers of Calais Monument, City of Westminster, London SW1P, UK
Inc_0kujgle4stagobgblaa9imu8dg0ibyagjsxgxtgw Nicholas Sagovsky
Canon Theologian, Westminster Abbey
Albert%2dwright_2011%2d07%2d03_08%2d02%2d45 Albert Wright / Westminster, London, UK
Business Questioner and Profit Improver
Ben_saundersjuly10_2no%2dsnow Ben Saunders / Westminster, London, UK
Expedition Leader
Images Daniel Marovitz / Westminster, London, UK
Mr. Daniel Marovitz is the Founder of Buzzumi.
A39a3b9258ca615bb2369b6cfab5845b Elaine Powell / Westminster, London, UK
Inspirational Speaker, Presenter and Author
Quentin_willson_2011%2d05%2d04_06%2d42%2d50 Quentin Willson / Westminster, London, UK
Former Top Gear Presenter, Motoring Aficionado, TV Presenter and Author
Ce04b467c7abe324c8f548bc305be14c Alfred Enoch / Los Angeles, CA, USA
English Actor Known for his Roles in "How to Get Away with Murder" & The "Harry Potter" Films


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