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Jenn Lim

San Francisco, CA, USA
053024 van jones aae headshot

Van Jones

Los Angeles, CA, USA
050924 erin gruwell aae headshot

Erin Gruwell

The Freedom Writers Diary Teacher's Guide

Long Beach, CA, USA
011020 rraywang aae headshot

R "Ray" Wang

Silicon Valley, CA, USA

Mike Walsh

New York, NY, USA
040824 libby gill aae headshot

Libby Gill

Medford, OR, USA

Sallie Krawcheck

New York, NY, USA
091823 cassandra worthy aae headshot

Cassandra Worthy

Atlanta, GA, USA
041521 afdhel aziz aae headshot

Afdhel Aziz

Good Is the New Cool Guide to Personal Purpose: Designing a Meaningful and Prosperous C...

Los Angeles, CA, USA
021722 deanna singh aae headshot

Deanna Singh

Purposeful Hustle: Direct Your Life's Work Towards Making a Positive Impact

Milwaukee, WI, USA
022924 josh linkner aae headshot

Josh Linkner

Josh Linkner Demo Reel

Detroit, MI, USA
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Judy Smith

Washington, DC, USA
Peterdiamandis headshot

Peter Diamandis

Los Angeles, CA, USA
070224 erik qualman aae headshot

Erik Qualman

What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube: The NEW rules for your reputation on campus, o...

Austin, TX, USA
012523 joan lunden aae headshot

Joan Lunden

New York, NY, USA
Alexandra wilkis wilson headshot

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Miami, FL, USA
032224 richardflorida aae headshot 3 credzanetti

Richard Florida

The Great Reset: How the Post-Crash Economy Will Change the Way We Live and Work

Toronto, Canada
Shawn achor

Shawn Achor

Dallas, TX, USA
Flygirl picture

Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour

Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour - Veteran and Trailblazer for Women

Atlanta, GA, USA
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Andy Cohen

New York, NY, USA
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