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Ava DuVernay

How Film Changes the Way We See the World | Ava DuVernay | TED

Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Lizzie Velasquez

Austin, TX, USA / 20 reviews

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill

2023 Social Justice in Education Award - Marc Lamont Hill

Philadelphia, PA, USA / 8 reviews
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Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling Would Love to Be in the Next "Charlie's Angels" with Drew

Los Angeles, CA, USA / 1 reviews
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Carey Lohrenz

Minneapolis, MN, USA / 18 reviews
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Trevor Noah

New York, NY, USA
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Tiffany Shlain

San Francisco, CA, USA / 1 reviews
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Andrew Busch

AM2024: Growth Opportunities in a Period of Change

Charlotte, NC, USA / 7 reviews
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Zerlina Maxwell

New York, NY, USA / 1 reviews
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Cheryl Cran

Palm Desert, CA, USA / 3 reviews
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Raj Patel

Austin, TX, USA / 2 reviews

Valerie Jarrett

Washington, DC, USA / 2 reviews

Wanda Sykes

Chicago, IL, USA
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Bakari Sellers

Charlotte, NC, USA / 8 reviews

Brenda Louise Romero

Galway, Ireland / 1 reviews
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Bobby Seale

Oakland, CA, USA / 3 reviews

Juan Williams

Washington, DC, USA / 1 reviews
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Sheryl Swoopes

Texas, USA / 1 reviews
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Donald Glover

Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Nontombi Naomi Tutu

Rev. Nontombi Naomi Tutu, Morter Lecture

Atlanta, GA, USA / 1 reviews
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