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041123 hill harper aae headshot

Hill Harper

Seattle, WA, USA / 8 reviews
092019 peter diamandis aae headshot

Peter Diamandis

Los Angeles, CA, USA / 2 reviews
08242023 donna brazile aae headshot

Donna Brazile

Washington, DC, USA / 6 reviews
032519 daymond john aae headshot

Daymond John

New York, NY, USA / 17 reviews
100323 barbara corcoran aae headshot

Barbara Corcoran

New York, NY, USA / 1 reviews
071921 van jones aae headshot

Van Jones

Los Angeles, CA, USA / 7 reviews
030620 angela davis aae headshot

Angela Davis

Angela Davis on continuing to fight for change

Santa Cruz, CA, USA / 9 reviews
010621 nikki giovanni aae headshot

Nikki Giovanni

‘Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project’ Review: An Afrofuturist Space Odyssey

Virginia, USA / 23 reviews
073118 erin gruwell aae headshot

Erin Gruwell

Long Beach, CA, USA / 7 reviews
081420 richard florida aae headshot photocreddariamalysheva min

Richard Florida

Toronto, Canada / 1 reviews
062422 chip conley aae headshot

Chip Conley

An Alternative to the “Midlife Crisis” | Chip Conley | TED

San Francisco, CA, USA / 6 reviews
Csuagsci storiesofimpact temple grandin 1

Temple Grandin

TEMPLE GRANDIN on the Three Kinds of Kids

Fort Collins, CO, USA / 9 reviews
Dan burrus 683x1024

Daniel Burrus

San Diego, CA, USA / 10 reviews
080718 sir richard branson aae headshot

Sir Richard Branson

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands / 1 reviews
Libby gill 3

Libby Gill

Medford, OR, USA / 8 reviews
Mickey edwards

Mickey Edwards

Washington, DC, USA
012323 amy goodman aae headshot

Amy Goodman

New York, NY, USA / 1 reviews
Philanthropist melinda french gates and lina thomsgard 86857f5f61

Melinda French Gates

Melinda French Gates' Brief But Spectacular take on making birth ...

Seattle, WA, USA
080519 daniel kahneman aae headshot

Daniel Kahneman

New York, NY, USA / 3 reviews
Brene brown mccombs hor web

Brené Brown

The power of vulnerability | Brené Brown | TED

Houston, TX, USA
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