Last year SpeakerpediaPro for Meeting Planners helped 711 organizations find the perfect speaker for their event.

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Before we started Speakerpedia in 2012 we spent 15 years securing speakers for hundred of events — but it never seemed to get easier. From identifying new trends to checking speaker's availability and making a smart offer, the process always seemed too complicated, time-consuming and full of uncertainty. We're working to change that!

Why Join SpeakerpediaPro for Meeting Planners?

  • Pro members are given access to SpeakerpediaPro Booking Services. By Accessing the SpeakerpediaPro Booking Service, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Access to the Largest Collection of Speaker Profiles, Videos, Reviews and Ratings. Our data is too valuable to be made public. We have been requested by speakers to not publicly display certain information and to only make it available to verified meeting & event planners.
  • Exclusive Access to Special Offers & Insider Information - Group Buys, Discounted Fees, Routing Opportunities
  • Collaborative tools allow multiple team members to share feedback and speed up the speaker selection process

What is the SpeakerpediaPro Booking Service?

    As an extra benefit to SpeakerpediaPro members, we are pleased to offer access to the Speakerpedia Booking Service. Intended to complement Speakerpedia’s comprehensive speaker directory, unbiased ratings and reviews, the SpeakerpediaPro Booking Service is intended to help make the speaker booking process easier, with less hassle and anxiety.

    Our partner agents provide you with a hassle-free booking experience. If you are looking for that extra degree of personalization, our partner agents can create customized proposals based on your specific needs and handle the entire process from Speaker Selection to Event Execution. They will provide you their expertise and deep knowledge of the speaking industry to help you find the perfect speaker.

    By partnering with a SpeakerpediaPro agent through the entire process — from search to signing — you forge a relationship grounded in trust, transparency, and seamless information-sharing. Our partner agents are highly qualified industry experts who have been recruited because their values match our values: they are knowledgeable (subject matter experts), they have a demonstrated track record (experience), they are committed to transparency, they have no conflicts of interest and have agreed to abide by our Partner Agent Guidelines.

    The program also helps Speakerpedia further its ongoing work and mission, because Speakerpedia receives a flat fee for each speaker booked by a program participant who utilizes an accredited partner agent. Whatever amounts Speakerpedia receives are used to help defray the costs of its ongoing work and mission. Speakerpedia has no direct contact or any financial relationship with any speakers. By Accessing the SpeakerpediaPro Booking Service, you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Benefits of the SpeakerpediaPro Booking Service

  • You will benefit from our experience, insider knowledge, and be able to take advantage of our leveraged buying power.
  • Access to proprietary tools and data not available anywhere
  • We provide custom lists and research for each client tailored to their specific needs.
  • One stop shopping. Receive booking information on any speaker regardless of their affiliation, while safeguarding your identity from agencies that are going to try and “sell” you on their roster.
  • We handle all of the negotiations, paperwork (firm offers, contracts), payment arrangements, logistics and communications so you can focus on all of the other important aspects of your event.
  • Exclusive Access to Special Offers, Group Buys and Discounted Fees offered to our members.
  • No obligation. There is never an obligation to buy when using the program. You can always change your mind about the booking a speaker through this program.
  • We are exclusively a buyer's representative and never have any conflicts of interest. Our partner agents provide you with a hassle-free booking experience.

How does the SpeakerpediaPro Booking Service work?

  1. Time-Saving Speaker Search and Selection Tools. Feel free to independently make use of our comprehensive database and search filters to pinpoint a list of ideal speakers for your event. The shareable speaker list makes it easy to reach consensus with a group of decision makers.
  2. Connect with a Trusted Partner Agent: While we encourage all Pro Members to use our website as a tool to research Speakers of interest, there is no better resource than talking to one of our Partner Agents directly. Whether you need tailored suggestions based on topic, audience, and/or budget, or you already have a particular Speaker in mind, our Partner Agents will be able to cater to your unique needs. Our Partner Agents are highly skilled at helping you secure the ideal Speaker for your special event.
  3. Select a Speaker: Narrow down the options by utilizing the collaborative list to rank your speaker options. Review speaker bios, videos, speech topics, reviews and much more to help determine who you feel would be the best fit for your event.
  4. Extend a Firm Offer: Once you have chosen a Speaker, and your Agent has checked the Speaker’s availability, the next step is to make a firm offer, which is considered to be a firm and binding commitment to host the Speaker upon their acceptance of the offer.
  5. Pre-Event Coordination. Once your offer has been accepted and contracts are signed, you will be assigned to an Event Specialist who will not only work with you to confirm air travel, hotels and ground transportation, he/she will also help coordinate the approval of any publicity materials, will aid in arranging any needed security, will work with you in coordinating the Speaker’s schedule for possible book signings and receptions, and will liaise with you and the Speaker to make sure the itinerary is perfect, and that the correct speech topic is communicated.

What guidelines must our Partner Agents follow?

  • Here are some of the guidelines that Partner Agents follow:
  • Partner Agents will provide the client with a hassle-free booking experience.
  • Partner Agents will get to know the needs of the client and work to fulfill them
  • Partner Agents will prioritize communication, keeping the client informed and in the loop every step of the process.
  • Partner Agents must disclose any conflicts of interest or relationship you have with speaker
  • Partner Agents may not claim to have an expertise in areas where they have not demonstrated a documented history.
  • Partner Agents may not charge more than the industry accepted commission rates. Clients have the right to request that any compensation received from the Talent be disclosed.
  • Partner Agents acknowledge that confidential reviews will be maintained and be made available to all clients and prospective clients.