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South Florida photographer Aaron Ansarov specializes in the art of creativity and utilizes the latest in camera technology to provide ultra high quality fine art

Born in Miramar, Florida, and moving to the woods of central Florida at an early age, Aaron spent most of his time in curiosity. whether it be taking electronics apart to running deep into his nearby woods with hopes of getting lost just so he could use the survival tools inside his cool Rambo knife.

His first sketch was of a dragon from an illustrated Hobbit book. It was after showing his mother that he was immediately enrolled in art classes. After learning to use many art styles and media he found a camera and chose a path. He soon after became his high school's only yearbook photographer shooting everything from the football games to street portraits and features. After high school Ansarov decided to join the Navy with hopes of seeing the world and 'become a man.' He was fortunate enough to join a specialized rating known as Photographer's mate. His plan was to spend only 5 years in and get out, but this plan changed when chosen to be one of only four to attend the coveted annual military photojournalism program at Syracuse University in New York. From there he spent nearly 3 years at the Navy's flagship publication All Hands as their only west coast photojournalist.

It was at this point he was again ready to leave the Navy, but a few months before he was to end his tour, 9/11 happened. It was at this point Ansarov made the decision to stay in and become a combat photographer. After being trained in numerous survival, weapons and tactics courses, he transferred to a combat camera unit where he made multiple deployments to the middle east including crossing the lines into Iraq during the initial invasion. It was after his fifth year at a combat camera unit where he received an injury to his back during operations in Iraqi waters. After two years of physical therapy, Ansarov was honorably retired.

Shortly after retirement (in 2007), Ansarov moved to Delray Beach, Florida where he continued his recovery and settled in his new home with his wife, 10 year old son, 1 year old daughter and newborn son (born in August 2011). Aaron is now in school and pursuing a Bachelors of Science degree in Advertising from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. When not studying for school, at the beach with his family or remodeling his new home, Aaron enjoys mentoring other young photographers and creating new personal projects that will hopefully make a difference.


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