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Bestselling Author of "Exponential Theory"

Aaron Bare is a Change Agent, Strategic Facilitator, and the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of "Exponential Theory: The Power of Thinking Big." A culmination of fifteen years of research and traveling to nearly 100 different countries, "Exponential Theory" states that when leaders think bigger, they become more conscious. Now, Bare works to implement exponential theory into some of the most disruptive companies in the world.

Bare works directly with global leaders to help them lead into the future. Leveraging some of the key insights from his book like the Rhodium Rule, Mars Shots, the New VUCA, the Emerging Tech Stack, “Thrivability,” and the Seven Universal Truths, Bare has created a frame work for the future leader. His XMBA program helps build the eXponential Mindset Beliefs and Attitudes to prove no problem is too big to solve. Bare assists leaders to transform through strategy, business models, AI, the Cloud, and other exponential technologies.

Speech Topics

The Future of Work

Work has dramatically changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders of the future must prioritize energy and outcomes over time when evaluating an employee's work. Creating work streams that prioritize highest value activities will help employees and organizations hit their goals in less time. Audience takeaways: How to prioritize tasks by highest value, blocking out time for deep work, accessing deep work, focus, and flow, how to stop managing life by time and manage by energy. Strategic innovation facilitator with over fifteen years in helping Fortune 500 companies get the most out of their employees.

The Future of the Internet; Web3

The internet has evolved over time. Web1, and then Web2, revolutionized how we use data and knowledge. Now, in Web3, users have the opportunity to own their content. Audience takeaways: the difference between Web1, Web2, Web3, the importance of decentralization, what a "trust-less" system means, why Web3 is the future of the internet, how to participate in Web3. Qualified to speak on it as launching a Web3 based venture studio in the United States.

Disrupt Yourself (Or Be Disrupted)

Outlined in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller Exponential Theory, Aaron Bare explains how we are all going to get disrupted. The only solution we have, is to disrupt ourselves first, and harness the power of thinking bigger for ourselves, our communities, and our planet. Audience takeaways: What self disruption looks like, how self disruption can get us ahead and better adapt to accelerating change, what thinking bigger means on a personal, professional, and organizational level and how to do it. Qualified to speak on this after traveling to nearly 100 countries, working with energy healers, shamans, and exponential leaders that all seek to improve themselves by disrupting themselves. Also included inside bestselling book Exponential Theory.

Digitizing your Business Model

In the exponential future, all businesses will be disrupted. The first step on the curve of disruption, is digitization. Thus, all business models of the future must be digitized, before they inevitably become deceptive, disruptive, democratized, demonetized, and dematerialized. Audience takeaways: understanding the 6 D's of disruption, why disruption follows an exponential curve, how to create a model that will become democratized, demonetized, and dematerialized, how digitization is the first step in building disruptive models. Qualified to speak on this as disruption is a key theme throughout Exponential Theory, and previously worked with the creators of the 6 D's model, Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler.

Accelerating Innovation

Change used to be the only constant, but now even change is accelerating. Learn how this accelerating change of growth, innovation, and problem solving is impacting you and your industry. Better yet, learn how you can accelerate your own innovation, your company's innovation, and spearhead your industry's innovation acceleration. Audience takeaways: a brief overview of the history of innovation, how to innovate faster, how to foster a culture of innovation, how to lean into accelerated change to create the future you want. Qualified based on fifteen years of innovation facilitation, and previous Entrepreneur in Residencies at Arizona State University, Thunderbird School of Global Management, and Singularity University.

The Rhodium Rule and Thrivability

Two new terms coined in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller Exponential Theory, The Rhodium Rule and Thrivability are two keys for leaders of the future to embrace. The Rhodium Rule builds upon both the Golden Rule and the Platinum Rule, to create a new rule for decision makers. Thrivability describes how leaders can create a state of success beyond sustainability, maintainability, and survivability. The Rhodium Rule and Thrivability can help leaders make better decisions to not just lead into the future, but thrive. Audience takeaways: what the Rhodium Rule means, how to consider an entire ecosystem while making decisions, considering future generations through decisions, the power of unintended consequences, how to move from survivability to thrivability, why thriving is key to the abundant future. Qualified to speak on these topics as coined in bestselling book Exponential Theory.

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